Finding Your Soulmate While Watching Netflix? This Perfect Combo Will Soon Be Possible!


We all have those days that we do nothing else but watching Netflix. All alone in your cozy big bed with your favorite series on, in your PJ’s, with popcorn in one hand, your phone in the other.

How perfect would it be if Netflix could say: ‘Yo, you have been watching Dexter for 8 hours straight now all by yourself! Just 2 miles further there is this good looking guy/girl doing the exact same thing! We just matched the 2 of you so you can be lazy and watch Netflix together.’


Well, this amazing situation will soon be possible! And because Netflix didn’t come up with this brilliant idea themselves, the design team of Superpowered decided to take control over this situation. They are busy to develop an app called Netfling, that searches a match for you based on your Netflix profile. It is not done yet but is always nice to know that in the near future choosing what to watch with your lover is probably going to be easier than ever!

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Cover picture: 500 Days of Summer

  1. Wauw, sounds awesome! I hope the app will work in Belgium as well, so I don’t have to binge-Orphan Black on my own anymore :-)

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