Five Businesses You Can Start From Home

Could 2015 be the year you become an entrepreneur? More and more people are deciding to utilise their skills and set up their own business at home. You could start something up to put a little extra cash in your pocket, start it just for fun or even both!

And who knows, if it picks up you could even end up quitting the day job and being your own boss! So to get your brain whirling, here are five businesses you can start from your living room. 

Five Businesses You Can Start From Home


Five Businesses You Can Start From Home

#1 Second Hand Clothes Store
All those clothes you and your friends need to get rid of? Try listing them online for sale! Thanks to the internet and the demand for items to be delivered to people’s front doors you could even try sourcing items locally then listing them for sale elsewhere in the world.

#2 Pet Grooming / Walking
Combine exercising outdoors with stress-busting quality time with a furry friend or two. You could put posters up in your local cafe’s and shops to attract new business and build it up from there. Remember if you’re going to try the grooming side too, get qualified first! You don’t want to trim any pooches without the correct credentials.

#3 Social Media Assistant
Businesses thrive with the help of Social Media. Lots of the larger companies will have employees and even departments devoted to it, however, smaller businesses may not have the time, space or huge budget. By offering to manage Social Media sites for smaller businesses, you could run a few from home and charge them much less than the big companies with overheads do.

#4 Event Planning
I think most girls have dreamed of being an event planner. Well, you can start up your own event planning business from home if you want to! Good organisational skills and some business sense will take you far. Start advertising locally and remember to start small, maybe a reunion or family party. Try contacting some businesses like florists, food and drink suppliers as well as venues to see if you can build relationships with them as important associates for future events.

#5 Pop Up Restaurant
Pop-up restaurants are getting more popular by the minute and to host couldn’t be easier. If you’re good at cooking and have some space to seat diners give it a go! Cook a three-course meal and serve it in your living room. Invite friends for the first try, then perhaps they can each bring along somebody next time and if you’re good, word of mouth will help you grow!

These are just five to get you thinking, there are hundreds of businesses you could start alongside your working life and the best thing to do is to have a go at something you love. Just think, you could turn your hobby into your day job, how amazing would that be!

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  • Lucy Van Dean

    Great ideas! Not so easy but definitely worth trying. All your posts are really useful :)

  • Sharan

    Would love to get into Event Planning eventually! xo

    Sharan |

  • Vanessa

    The social media assistant sounds like a good idea!

    ★ ★

  • Christine

    These are such great ideas and some require very little start-up costs! I’m a social media manager and i must say i love what i do!

  • Jewel

    Nice post and some of these don’t require experience or loads of references for credibility. Online marketing and network marketing are still two of my personal faves, due to low overhead and the scads of free training available from reputable sources.

    Hope your post inspires some people to sidepreneur it out of the box!

  • Lauren

    I love social media and I love planning events – maybe this is my new career….

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Debbie Rodrigues

    Great ideas. I am looking for alternatives and you girls have been really helping me get inspired. Thanks a lot for all the great articles!

  • Stefanie Grace

    Love these ideas – and I’m living proof. I quit my job 9 months ago and now earn more than I ever have running my own social media business on my own terms and on my own time.

  • Dànae García

    So true!! I’m a lawyer and I’m willing to start my own business (no law related) from home!! So I agree!! great ideas!! Love the event planning (all girls do) hehe ;)

    NEW BLOG POST!! Today new SERIES “MY LINKS” were you’ll find inspiring and interesting links about fashion, art, food, entertainment, beauty, etc. I found on the internet!! Check it out!!

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