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Five quick and easy meals perfect for busy girls!

Being busy during the day sometimes means losing out on nourishment in the evening. After a long day we’re more inclined to grab convenient food, order a takeaway or throw in a microwave meal. Although the thought of cooking for ourselves can sometimes make us groan, reclaim your kitchen with these easy fast and delicious dinners.

#1 Roasted red pepper and parsley pesto with penne
Prep time: 5 mins
Cook time: 10 mins


Photo from BBC Good Food

This recipe is delicious and super simple, it’ll liven up any pasta dish and it only takes a maximum of fifteen minutes to do! Get the recipe here.

#2 Jamie’s hungover noodles
Prep & Cook time: 20 mins


Photo from Jamie Oliver

Although named ‘Hungover noodles’ and labelled a good cure for feeling under the weather, this gorgeous noodle dish is an easy way to fall in love with dinner again. All the parts of this recipe take only a few minutes to cook and add together, it’s perfect when you feel like being healthy but still want substance and taste. Get the recipe here.

#3 Spicy bean and avocado tostadas
Prep time:10 mins
Cook time:5 mins


Photo from BBC Good Food

The good thing about this recipe is that if you make a larger serving, you can put them in the fridge or take them to work for lunch in tupperware. When you’re craving mexican, whip these up, add a dash of salsa and devour! Find the recipe here.

#4 Make the night before stir-fried garlic chicken 
Prep time: 5 mins (plus 2 hours in fridge)
Cook time: 5 mins


This recipe can be tailored to eat immediately, but for maximum flavour it’s suggested that you leave in the fridge for minimum 2 hours stirring once or twice. To accommodate this into a career girl’s life, make on a Sunday and leave it in the fridge until Monday evening, when all you have to do is take it out and fry it for 5 minutes. Recipe here.

#5 Chicken and aubergine parmigiana
Prep & cook time: 15 mins


Photo from Taste

This is one of my personal favourite meals, I order it whenever it crops up on the menu at any Italian restaurant. It takes a little longer than some of the dishes on here but if you’re craving something hearty, delicious and healthy this is the meal for you! Get the recipe here.

You can always mix it up a little by making super easy sweet-potato fries on the side, for that all you need to do is cut the sweet potato into chips, put them into a ziplock bag and season with a tbsp of oil, a tbsp of corn flour, a tsp of garlic powder and salt and pepper. Shake the bag up and then lay them on a baking tray for 15 minutes, turn them over and wait until they’re crispy. Delicious and easy!

Cover photo: pinterest


  1. Beth Stokes says

    Wow… the Chicken and aubergine parmigiana looks delicious! Will be giving this a go for sure! x

  2. Mahnoor says

    The roasted red pepper pasta recipe looks delicious!

    Check out my blog!


  3. Nancy says

    I love the spicy beans and avocado. yummm

    A Quest To Flourish

  4. Marisa Hendrickson says

    As someone who is about to move into her first apartment, these recipes look great. Thanks so much for sharing.

    -Marisa | http://marisahendrickson.com/

  5. Blizzard Girl says

    When I get my apartment next semester I am so doing these recipes!


  6. Jamison says

    That’s in truth a fastidious movie stated within this bit of writing about how to publish a bit of writing, and so i got clear idea at this point.

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