Five Things You Must Do Before Sending Off An Application

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You’ve applied for your dream jobyour outbox is updating and you’re confident you’re a match made in heaven, but before you’ve had time to cross your fingers you notice a glaring typo in your subject header. There are very few greater slap-yourself-across-the-face moments and to save you from the red face, run through this checklist before you hit send.

Make sure to check all attachments, subject headers, emails, and names; then get the person nearest to you to check, and the person next to them. Then download Grammarly. After putting the time in to create your perfect CV, a few extra minutes are worthwhile to avoid landing in the ‘trash’ folder before your application’s been read.

Ensure you’ll stand out 
In a competitive market, you need to stand out in a sea of applications. Check you’ve included information that sets you apart from the generic template applicant, and show knowledge and passion tailored to the company and role. Throwing your CV at the wall and seeing what sticks is going to leave you with an empty inbox and the ’you have no new messages’ tone.

Get your stalk on 
Who doesn’t love a good stalk? And this time, we can call it ‘research.’ If you’ve declared your undying passion for a company, prove it. Follow the company on social media and subscribe to any newsletters. If they check you out, they’ll discover a passionate follower who understands their brand and you’ll shimmy up the pile.

Google yourself 
Audit your online profiles – and stat. A large majority of employees admit to stalking potential interviewees online. When this happens you are going to want a glowing LinkedIn profile to show up and not any ‘Magaluf ‘09’ albums (probably).

Check your formatting 
If you’ve made it this far then double checking your application is readable and well-presented is the final step to perfecting your application. A PDF file is the most professional way to present your CV and cover letter, and will ensure that any custom fonts and template designs will display correctly – helping you stand out for the right reasons.

Written by Hannah Gransden.

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  1. All great tips! I’ll be checking this list before jumping into the world of job hunting … frankly terrifying!

  2. Thank you for this amazing article, Hannah. Great point about making sure that your CV stands out from the others. Making your application fit a particular position is actually very rewarding though it’s might require some really hard work to research each company.

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