Five Things To Try This Sunday To Make Your Week More Productive


We’ve all had Sundays where our to-do lists are literally just Netflix, sleeping until noon and takeaway food. Those Sundays are the best, but sometimes you need to get in the productive zone.

As we’ve found out, successful people swear by upgrading their Sundays to be full of refreshing, mind-balancing tasks. Here are a few things to try this Sunday in the week before Christmas, if you want to kill it before you spend time with family.


Give yourself a gankin massage!

You work hard all week, you definitely deserve to treat yo’self on Sunday. Suqqu is an incredible brand that has revolutionized facial care with an incredible 6-minute massage.

You can do it yourself, in your bathroom, on your sofa, or even in bed. It feels completely luxurious, leaves your face de-puffed, and is the perfect treat for your body, without even leaving the house. Hollywood actresses swear by it for natural cheekbones, and tightening skin. You can find more information and an infographic here.


Tidy up with a magical app

Sadly, we have no Mary Poppins magic to avoid the Sunday tidy, we do however have an app that might help! Unf*ck (Unfilth) Your Habitat is an amazing app that times your tidy sessions, into manageable sections, complete with breaks, so you can work hard and get your tidying done, without dragging it out all day (we’ve all been there!)


Prep for your week

This doesn’t have to be as boring as it sounds. Get yourself one of the absolutely gorgeous planners from Fringe Studio, and you will spend your whole time joyfully organizing, writing, and planning your life.


Make your new playlists

Music makes everyone’s week a little better, but we all know the feeling of an iTunes library full of music, but having nothing you feel like listening to. Especially on your Monday morning commute!

By having a playlist clear out each weekend, you can keep your playlists up to date, and make sure you have all the tracks you want to hear to keep you motivated at the gym, on your way to work, and even that party playlist for Saturday night.


Work our your perfect evening ritual

We all know that morning rituals are important for setting up your day, but your evening ritual can be equally important. How we plan our evenings determine how we sleep, how long, how well, how deeply, which in turn affects how you perform and feel the next day.

Try turning off your phone, laptop and tv an hour before you want to go to sleep. Get into something cozy, and read a book or do something relaxed that you enjoy for half an hour. This will help you fall asleep and wake up feeling like you’ve slept for years (in a good way!).

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  1. Uh oh, this post came out a little too late. It’s already Monday here in Hong Kong and I slept in until 4PM this Sunday!

    Charmaine Ng
    Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Sundays are the best days to catch up things and get ready for the week =o) I just finished wrapping gifts for Christmas next week =o)

  3. Omg I’m actually in love with this post! So useful and soso helpful. Like always! Obsessed w CGD❤️✨

    x Mila

  4. This post helps a lot with life and everything! I love this blog!
    XX Nikaia

  5. I’ve been in such a funk for a while due to my job and now im finally ridding of it, I’ve got a great sense of positivity for the future! Love this motivational blog post!

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