3 Simple Steps To Fix Your Unhealthy Work Routine


Do you need to fix an unhealthy work routine? Since we’re staying at home, working at a desk that might not be set up correctly, staring at a computer screen is not always good for you. And, if you’re anything like us you’re working way more now you’re WFH. It’s time to break the habits and improve your working day, to help we’ve come up with 3 simple tips to improve your unhealthy work routine.

#1 Get some air.

Whether you can get out for an hour at lunch, a 15-minute stroll, or even grab 5 in the middle of the day, get outside! DO NOT look at your phone in this break. Look at a patch of green on the ground or the blue sky and give your brain a break from technology. If you can find a park or small patch of grass, take a seat and breath in some fresh air. Study’s show that getting back to nature and spending a little time each day with the green stuff can reduce your cortisol (the stress weight gain hormone) levels significantly. Just 5 minutes of your day is worth it.

#2 Stand up.

New and extensive research shows that during your working day you should be standing for at least 2 hours, and realistically should be looking to increase that to 4 hours per day overtime. Try and ease yourself into spending a little less time on your bottom if you can. Phone calls can be made on your feet, and you can just stand up whenever you’re behind your desk for fifteen minutes to get a little break. Also, while you’re thinking on your feet, do a little audit of the food you’re eating while you’re working. We’re all so guilty of grabbing whatever we want, try these healthy meals you can prep instead of junk food! 

#3 Edit your to-do list.

Right, a stressful and unhealthy work routine can lead you to feel burned out and definitely not in the right mindset to get stuff done. So firstly have a look at your to-do list and figure out what you’re doing that needs to change, do you need to get better at time management or prioritize better? Or maybe, you need to develop a timed to-do list to help you get ahead. Sometimes, stress is just unavoidable – if you are feeling stressed, try a journal with expert tips from psychologists embedded inside, and plenty of room to help you sort out your busy life. The Stress Less journal is an absolute necessity.



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