Flaunt your figure: tips on dressing for your body shape

Sometimes I think it can be reductive to think all women have one particular shape, some people aren’t strictly ‘pear’ shaped, and other’s are big busted ‘rectangles’. It can be hard to look at diagrams of body shapes and even discover which one you are, but sometimes there are elements of shape we should embrace. Find a shape you identify with, one that you think most fits your body and work to amplify your assets! As girls, we sometimes buy clothes that look nice on models or mannequins with no regard for how they’ll look on us, when we should be embracing our uniqueness and the things that make our bodies feminine, instead of buying clothes tailored for only one body type. Here are some invaluable tips on dressing for your shape that might actually work!

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Find your shape
This is the best guide to body shapes I’ve found, try and find the similarities you share with the body types presented and embrace that. Don’t be too hard on yourself because you think your body should look a certain way, girls, that’s the most important part of body acceptance! None of us are going to look like these celebrities, but identify with elements of the shape and you can work from there.
Kim Kardashian – Pear: Pear shaped girls have smaller busts and waists and bigger hips and bottoms.
Audrina Partridge – Wedge: Your shoulders are bigger than your hips and your body tapers down.
Natalie Portman – Rectangle: You are pretty much an up and down girl, you have the same proportions all over.
Jennifer Hudson – Apple: You have a larger bust, middle and hips and slimmer legs.
Beyonce – Hourglass: You have similar proportions in your shoulders and hips, offset by a smaller waist.

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 #1 Pear Shaped
Dress to accentuate what you have, your friends are A-lined skirts, cropped jackets and anything that cinches in your waist. Skinny jeans can make your legs and ankles look skinnier, but flares also look good on a pear shaped girl, don’t be afraid to check out curvy bloggers and even look at some of Kim Kardashian’s past fashion choices to see what works for you. Our favourite is curvy model Nadia Aboulhosn.
pear3 Flaunt your figure: tips on dressing for your body shapeFlaunt your figure: tips on dressing for your body shape
Photos: Nicole Zepeda, Girl with Curves & Nadia Aboulhosn.

wedge 4
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#2 Wedge
You’re quite lucky that you have smaller hips, but you’ll want to balance your silhouette by either creating a waist or disguising your wider shoulders. Avoid spaghetti straps unless you have a skirt that creates the illusion of an hourglass figure and avoid any clothes that make you look out of proportion.
wedge  wedge 3 wedge2
Photos: Audrina Partridge, EALuxe &  The Hunt

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#3 Rectangle
Most people think you can get away with anything if you have a shape like this, your body is evenly distributed, but it’s easy to swamp your figure or ignore your slender waist. Blazers and well cut tops look good on a rectangular shape, stay away from flares or unshapely dresses and heels that are too strappy.
rectange2 rectange3 rectangle
Photos: Fashion Shanghai, Babble & Live Love and Read


#4 Apple
What differentiates you from a pear shaped girl is your lack of ‘cinched in’ waist. Clothing that covers your arms, pulls in your waist and emphasises your hips is the best way to dress your figure, also work those legs and show them off with slinky heels. Waist belts are  your best friend, so is a good bra and monochromatic colours.
apple apple2 apple4
Photos: Gabi Fresh, SkorchGirl with curvesNicolette Mason

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#5 Hourglass
A good way to decide whether you are hourglass or pear shaped is to see if you are equally weighted between your bottom and top. If your shoulders are smaller than your hips, the chances are you’re closer to pear shaped. Hourglass girls should rock their curves, pull in that waist and emphasise the balance between your upper and lower half. If you’re conscious of your tummy, don’t be afraid of spanx or tights that can cover up any lumps or bumps. Plain colours, and tight pencil skirts are your best friends.
hourglass4 hourglass3 hourglass
Photos: Steal her style, Weheartit & The Beyonce World.
Cover image: W Magazine

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