Life Lessons We Can Learn From Iris Apfel: A Leader And An Inspiration To Women Everywhere

Iris Apfel is a household name in the fashion world. Hers is a name that conjures up images of the glamorous, the quirky, and the unique. In the world of fashion, she is known as a rare bird, and she has stolen the hearts of everyone who knows her or her story. In simple terms, she is a gem, an extraordinary, beautiful, one-of-a-kind person with a heart of gold, a personality that is radiantly individual, and a sense of style that is impeccably eccentric.

Imagine you’ve always had an eye for fashion, a willingness to work hard, and a proclivity to explore the more peculiar pieces of clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

After years of working hard, you hit a breakthrough. A major museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, gives you a medium-sized exhibit in the costume section of the museum. This launches you into a whirlwind of success, and it all came from something simple. Your personal collection of clothing, discovered and cultivated over years of roaming flea markets and thrift shops, has catapulted you into a world that you now consider home. Now, in addition to finding the eclectic pieces you love at flea markets, thrift shops, and more, you find the most extravagant pieces of clothing created by big name runway designers. You can find the same joy and beauty in a $3.00 pair of shoes from your favorite thrift shop as you can in a $10,000.00 designer dress. For Iris Apfel, this story is her reality.

The story above is not the best part of Iris. Iris is a leader and an inspiration to girls and women everywhere. She shows that no matter your age, success is something you can work hard for and achieve.

She shows that fashion is an amazing way to express yourself, and to figure out who you are. She believes in using the clothing you wear on the outside to express your uniqueness and personality from the inside.

She is a symbol for girls and women, representing the fact that individuality, personality, and confidence are beautiful traits in everyone. Iris Apfel, using her flea market finds and runway designs, has not only cultivated an enormously gorgeous fashion collection, but has also created a new standard for women and girls about being different, for not being afraid to be the realest you that you can be, and for believing in the most basic foundation of beauty being confidence and individuality. Every woman and career girl can find inspiration in the words, wisdom, and fashion choices of Iris Apfel – the rare bird who is a queen of the fashion world and an icon for women everywhere.

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  • Berl

    Nice article.

    • Kaitlin Marks

      Thank you Berl! <3 Have an amazing day!

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    Nice post !

    Thank you for sharing with us and with Career girl Daily.

    • Kaitlin Marks

      Thank you! I’m glad you liked the post! Have a lovely day Crazora! :)

  • Stasja

    Great read! Just seeing her picture makes me smile, she has such incredible charisma :)

    • Kaitlin Marks

      Thank you for your comment and support Stasja! :) I completely agree with you, and I love that picture as well! Her eclectic jewelry is amazingly charming. Have a lovely day, and I’m glad you enjoyed the article!

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