How Flicking Your Wand Can Lead To Amazing Lashes


Mascara is the staple of our makeup bag, and with the rise of false lash inserts, we’ve all seen the power of volumized lashes, they can add drama to your evening look, make your eyes appear bigger and brighter when you’re seriously tired and give you an extra oomph in your smokey eye look. Here are a few tips and tricks we’ve learned for amazing lashes that you don’t have to spend hundreds on!

1. Flick  your wand

Simply turning your wand vertically against the lashes can give you up to 50% more volume and definition, this works especially well on smaller lashes, all you have to do is flick your wand into the vertical position and comb through your lashes to get extra lift. This works best with a mascara like Max Factor’s Voluptuous False Lash Effect Mascara, more than just a pretty bottle – the revolutionary brush with large flexible ‘fins’ will add lift, volume, and drama in just a few brushes. Check out our tips for banishing eye bags for truly bright, alert eyes.

2. Don’t throw away your faves

We all have a favorite mascara brush, once your mascara starts to go clumpy or runs out don’t throw it out, wash it and keep it to apply your next mascara. There’s a reason it’s your fave, plus you can use it for grooming your brows, too. Click here if you want to know how to groom your brows properly.


3. Heat your eyelash curlers

With a hairdryer heat your eyelash curlers to get more of a dramatic, longer lash that lasts all day. Don’t heat it to burning temperature, just make it hot enough to hold your lashes in place. You can also apply mascara while you’re using your curler for quick, low-maintenance lashes. Try bbrowbar’s eyelash curler for a high-performance curler with a great price.

4. Bend your brush 

Slightly bend the brush into a horizontal position if you want an easy natural look, the new shape of the brush will pick up the small hairs in the inner and outer corners of your eyes and make applying your mascara so much speedier. Be careful not to bend too much as the brush can snap, and don’t forget to bend it back in place before you put it back in the pot.

5. Put your dry mascara in hot water 

If your mascara is going a little clumpy but it’s still within its date and you love it too much to let it go, screw the top on and add it to a glass of hot water, it should un-clump and go back to its silky original state.

6. Use baby powder

In between layers of mascara dust a little baby powder onto your eyelashes. It sounds like a crazy hack but actually it will add volume to your lashes in the same way it does to your roots. Apply your mascara to both the inside and outside of your lashes to ensure there’s no white powder there and behold super thick eyelashes! Check out our amazing vaseline tips and tricks too, we promise they will change your life!

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  • Camille Beygui

    Awesome tips ! Thanks for sharing

  • The Deep Style

    I never thought of putting dry mascara into hot water! Great tip!

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