Fly Away Friday: 5 Dreamy Capitals In Europe

Friday afternoon is the ideal moment to dream away with the ultimate holiday destinations. City trips are the perfect quick weekend away and if you are from outside Europe, city hopping is an easy way to get around.

We have some beautiful cities in Europe that are all worth a visit and since most Career Girls love traveling, here is a list of 5 dreamy capitals in Europe.

#1 – Paris 

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I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Paris. Wandering around the beautiful romantic streets, cute little bakeries and amazing vintage markets, it is impossible to be bored in this city. Whether you go with your friends, family or your boyfriend “Paris is always a good idea.”

#2 – Lisbon

Beautiful churches and monasteries, breathtaking squares, good food and friendly people, Lisbon is one the amazing capitals in Europe. If you are on a budget, don’t worry, the hostels in Lisbon are the best ones in the world and feel more like a hotel. Don’t forget to visit the Santa Justa Elevator and Torre de Belem.

#3 – Istanbul


Istanbul is one of my favorite cities. The people, the food, the beautiful mosques and churches, there is a lot to see, taste and do. People often forget that a part of Istanbul is still Europe, so yeah, we count it as a European city. It is where old-fashioned meets modern, and don’t forget to visit the Blue Mosque and go eat at Taksim Square or at a restaurant that oversees the Bosporus (it is amazing).

#4 – Madrid

If you are into art Madrid is the city for you, Museo del Prado, and not to forget, the beautiful restaurants, rooftops and squares. Madrid means a lot of sightseeing and hot weather in the Summer. Go eat tapas and visit Plaza Mayor, this city will never bore you.

#5 – Vienna

The beautiful romantic city of classical music and ballet. And if you’re not a lover of classical music, this city’s cuisine, imperial history, and architecture will amaze you.

What is your favorite capital? Let us know and don’t forget to enter our fab Dior giveaway to bag yourself a pair of sexy summer sunglasses!

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  • Lauren

    Paris and Rome are my top 2, and I’d love to see more of Spain!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Sarah D

    Oh this is VERY handy! We’re living in Munich for 6 months so weekend trips ahoy!

  • Odrayona

    I have been hearing so much about Instanbul lately, I will definitely be visiting there one day! My two must-see’s are Paris and Spain.


  • Leanne Winters

    I love these cities, paris and lisbon are my top favorites x

  • Julia

    When in doubt, Paris is always a good idea :D I live here and am so proud to call in my city!! I haven’t visited the others, but they’re all on the bucket list for sure :)


  • Noemi

    Since when Instanbul is in Europe?!?!

    • Celina

      Istanbul is a transcontinental city in Eurasia, with its commercial and historical centre lying on the continental European side and about a third of its population living on the Asian side of Eurasia…

  • madisyn

    Agree with you on Paris – fell in love in the short time I stayed there! Dubrovnik is also another must <3

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