It’s All In The Font: Never Use These 3 Fonts If You Ever Want A Job

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We all know that when it comes to CVs and cover letters, simple is best. Times New Roman and Calibri are the way to go, as far as we’re concerned. Your font choice says a lot about you. So here are the fonts you definitely shouldn’t use.


Everyone who’s taken an introductory design course thinks they’ve discovered something new when they use Helvetica. But don’t be fooled; it’s a sans serif, which means it’s hard to read large chunks of text without disrupting your eye’s flow. Use it for headlines only, if you must!

Comic Sans. 

Even if you’re applying to a clown college, this is the worst font you could possibly pick. You know what’s a better choice? Webdings. Because if your future employer can’t understand your CV, such a terrible font choice cannot be traced back to you.

Anything that looks like cursive.

What, is Jane Austen applying to a marketing position? You’re not writing by lantern light, use a printable font!

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Charlotte Bailey


Charlotte Bailey is an freelance writer living in London. Originally from Canada, she's a word nerd, compulsive list-maker, and lover of novels & film.

  • Camille Beygui

    Love this post

  • Sora

    Simple but effective ! My to go font is Calibri, whether it’s for typing my lessons at school or professional matters. It’s the most clean, professional and classic looking font and it’s the easiest to read.

  • Grace

    Arial and good old Times New Roman are my go-tos!

    That Twenty Something

  • dreamofadventures

    I cringe when I see comic sans now. Font is so important!

  • Options Consulting Group

    I recently switch our proforma templates from Arial to Calibri. I find it reads easier and clients prefer it too!

  • Anastasia

    Lol, I’m always using Helvetica! :D

  • Olga Baker

    Haha, this is such a fun piece! Thank you so much, Charlotte! I am sitting at my laptop laughing at the Comic Sans paragraph :-D

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