My Week In Food: Food Diary Of A Career Girl

What do we eat during the week? We’ve decided to keep a weekly food diary to show you what’s on the menu for busy career girls juggling their lives with their careers.

Enjoy the weekend and take a glimpse at the week in food of our Creative Director, Celina!



A new week is the perfect time for a new beginning. I’ve decided to download the app ‘5K runner‘ and want to start running every other day. Exercise is a good way to handle stress and running outside in a park with a nice view of London makes my day! After my run, I decide to treat myself and go in the sauna to start the week relaxed and energized.

What I ate that day:

Breakfast: Greek yoghurt, blueberries, raspberries and a banana
Supplements: Skin Vitamin C, Skin Vitality 1 & Ingenious Collagen

Lunch: A homemade wrap with chicken & avocado
Dinner: Salmon with cherry tomatoes and asparagus

Exercise: 35 minute run + leg exercises


I have a full agenda today and decide to take some time for my breakfast. A little while ago I never had breakfast and only had a cup of coffee. The interesting fact is that I feel so much more productive when I have a healthy and filling breakfast. So I take my time and prepare myself a nice meal in the morning

Breakfast: Soft boiled eggs on toast, green juice and a cup of green tea.

Supplements: Skin Vitamin C, Skin Vitality 1 & Ingenious Collagen
Lunch: A home-made pasta salad with tuna and a glass of sparkling water
Dinner: I cheated and ordered a vegetable burger and Parmesan fries at Burger & Co (one of the better burger places in London)



Breakfast: Oops, early meeting in the morning and because of all the rush I only manage to have a flat white and a smoothie from the Good Life Eatery.
Lunch: I am quite hungry so I decided to go for grilled sea bass with broccoli.
Dinner:  As I am working until late today I decided to grab a Greek salad at the grocery store.
Exercise: 35 minute run + ab exercises


I notice my skin is a bit less clear this week and I decide to drink more water from now on.

Breakfast: I have an early dentist appointment in the morning and have a cup of green tea before I rush to my appointment

Lunch: I meet Beth for lunch and I order a panini with mozzarella and a diet coke while we brainstorm on new content for Career Girl Daily

Dinner: I don’t like to spend ages in the kitchen. I like my meals to be quick and healthy (most of the time!). Today I decided to go for ravioli filled with pine nuts and ricotta, topped with olive oil and parmesan cheese. My go to 10-minute dish




Breakfast: I start my day with greek yoghurt and strawberries and 2 soft boiled eggs while I get ready for the first appointment of the day.

Lunch: For lunch I make a salad with tuna, avocado, and cherry tomatoes. Later that day I have fresh juice at Daylesford.

Dinner: I meet a friend in the city and we decide to go to a tapas bar. I enjoy all the delicious tapas and drink Sangria while we chat about our week.
Exercise: 35-minute run outside!

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