10 Documentaries About Food That Will Change The Way You Eat



Have you ever thought about being vegetarian or even vegan? I can’t say that it’s never crossed my mind. It’s a big commitment but one that weighs heavily on my mind. And recently I’ve been watching all these documentaries that have really opened my eyes. Some of them scared me, so much so I’m actually changing my eating habits. Which is a huge deal as I’m not the person who ever really thinks twice about her diet.

It’s always a good idea to keep yourself in the know, and watching documentaries about something we consume every single day can really open your eyes. Have a look for yourself…




This documentary that’s broken up into a series has just landed on Netflix. And it’s teaching us a thing or two about the food industry. It will reveal a few hard-hitting truths of how we get our meat supply and will make you think twice about eating it ever again.


Super Size Me


So I’m no stranger to a McDonald’s – sometimes it can be my utmost guilty pleasure! But Morgan Spurlock eats nothing but McDonald’s for thirty days to show us all the drastic effects fast food has on our health. It will prove to you that the last thing you want to put in your body is processed food all the time!


Sugar Coated


I guess we all have a little bit of a sweet tooth – and who can blame us really? But in this documentary, the sugar industry will be exposed and exposed to be just as bad as the tobacco industry. You will be told the truth about sugar and how you should cut it out completely and trust me, you’ll want to.


Food, Inc


The food industry has competed changed and adapted over fifty years ago! And this is all down to the food industry and the changes to agriculture. It reveals a few sad truths about how our food is produced and exposes the laws that are in place to protect them.




So I think we’ve all been a bit curious about going vegan and some us may have actually tried it. And this is exactly what these three guys from New York, who love meat and dairy do. For six weeks they decide to go vegan and find out the answer themselves; is it better? You’ll have to watch it and find out!




If the workers growing the crops have to wear protective gloves and masks when applying chemical fertilizer why is it ok for us to eat? This documentary explores exactly that highlighting the truths about what’s really going on with our food. It’s described as alarming and might scare you into making different food choices.


Hungry For Change


Have you ever stopped to read the back of the label in the supermarket, I have done in the past but can never really make out the ingredients. I’m not educated enough to know what’s what, which makes me a little concerned. But this documentary changes that. It will show you about what’s really in your food and make you think twice the next time you’re in the supermarket.




Did you know that there is one industry that’s really harming and killing our planet right now? Well, it’s factory farming and it’s right at the top of one of the main causes. Our huge demand for meat puts pressure on the agricultural system and in turn, is doing nobody any good.




This docuseries is broken up into four parts, in each Michael Pollan takes a look at the way we eat and enjoy our food. And rather than a documentary that puts you off meat altogether, Michael shows you how you can include it to create a more balanced and nutritional diet. So, if you want to eat better and be more educated about what you eat and what you can and should eat then watch it!


Fed Up


This documentary is amazing and it’s a real eye-opener. It explores how much influence and power the big food companies have. And you wouldn’t believe it until you watch this. Have your eyes opened to the truths of your food culture and no longer be fooled by it!

Have you watched any of these? Which documentary opened your eyes the most?



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  1. Sounds like a good weekend! Food documentaries freak me out a bit, but it’s great to open our eyes to what we’re consuming. X

  2. Perhaps you would like to counter a bit of the conspiracy theories with some more factual documentaries such as Food Evolution – do give it a chance and please do consider fact checking your documentaries. There is a lot of misleading misinformation in documentaries like GMO OMG (and cowspiracy).

  3. I recently have switched to a plant based diet and my tipping point was a movie that I didn’t see on your top 10 called What The Health? I loved it and it really made me rethink my dietary choices. It’s a Must See! Thanks for all your recommendations…look forward to checking them out!

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