Food Prep For The Week: 4 Tips For Beginners

Everything that is well planned is more likely to succeed. Food preparation is really popular in the ‘fit girls’ community. It is the key to a clean way of eating and luckily for us Instagram and Pinterest are full of simple and healthy recipes, so there is absolutely no excuse not to do it.

In case you are like ”huh? Food prepping”, food prepping is basically preparing your meals ahead, some people chose to do it for a week, others prefer to do it for a couple of days, it is whatever suits you best.

I started it 2 months ago and am loving it so far, it doesn’t only saves you time and money (I was always buying my breakfast and lunch), it also makes you creative in making your meals and is most of the time healthier than eating out.

In case you are already convinced but don’t know where to start, here are 4 food prep tips for beginners (I am not a dietician or personal trainer, this is just what works best for me):

#1 – Have a P+P day

A plan and preparation day. This will be the day that you plan what you are going to eat for the rest of the week, write down your ingredients, do the groceries and prepare the food. My P+P day is on Sunday and Wednesday. I do my groceries and prepare my meals till Wednesday. I personally chose for 3 days, because of the freshness of the food.

#2 – Prepare ingredients, not a full meal

Don’t prepare whole meals for the week already. Instead, prepare different meal components so you can bring diversity to your meals and have a different meal each day. It is also not necessary to cook everything already on your P+P day. Preparation can mean anything, from already cutting your vegetables to already seasoning your chicken. It is just a way to make you stick to, for example, your healthy eating plan or preventing yourself from spending too much money on eating out.

#3 – Season later

Except for the chicken of course. You can already cook certain components while you season them later. Cook them plain first and add spices when putting together your full meal. Because you make different components, you never know what spices would fit with the whole meal in the end.

#4 – Don’t cook more than you can eat

Wasting food is never a good thing, so if you know what you approximately eat prepare that and nothing more. If it is too less, you can always add a yogurt or fruits to your meal, which is always better than throwing away food because you made too much.

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Credit: Eats and Exercise by Amber