6 Food Rules For Healthy Eating That Will Change Your Life


Looking for a healthy eating plan that works? Well, it’s all about the simple food rules you give yourself to stay on track. There are new diets and diet rules every day, but it’s actually about learning some rules that can help you stay on track and actually enjoy the food you love. 

Nutritionists often give their clients rules to live by, so let’s make it simple and start learning these rules to create a healthy eating plan that actually works! 

1. Fill your plate!

Start with vegetables on your plate. You want to choose crunchy vegetables. According to nutritionists, it’s all about broccoli, green beans and leafy greens like kale. What you need to do is load your plate up with veggies on one side, and then you need lean proteins on the other. Then a quarter of your plate can be filled up with whole grains!

It might seem like you’re loading up your plate – and that’s because you are! But with healthy things, not nasties! You can use the On The Menu meal pad to build a healthy eating plan that works with your real life. 

2. Stop skipping breakfast.

No, it’s not just propaganda created by cereal companies, breakfast can be the most important meal of the day.

You need a balanced breakfast to kickstart your metabolism and get you ready for the day. So, choose a breakfast with protein, healthy fat, and complex carbohydrates like oats or wholegrain bread. 

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3. Your diet is probably all wrong

Most of us try to eat fewer calories during the day when we can distract ourselves with work, and then in the evening this leads to feeling “snack-ish.” That’s why you’re most likely to be raiding the cupboard when you get home.

You’re setting yourself up to fail because you’re tricking your brain to reward yourself for being good all day with unhealthy foods! Instead, try having a bigger lunch so you’re full when you get home. A protein box, a gigantic salad, or a filling stew or soup should fill you up and stop you fancying a snack. 

4. Play it safe

Don’t be afraid to play it safe when you eat out. Even a salad can have hidden dressings that can undo all your hard work. You can ask for the simplest, healthiest thing on the menu. But also, you can have that buttery delicious thing – if you realize that you’re just enjoying one thing and it’s part of your life. You can enjoy whatever you want as long as you don’t enjoy the good stuff every single day. 

5. Always, always have a plan! 

Going into the store without a plan is a big no-no. You’re looking for inspiration from the aisles, which is just terrible! Instead, use your On The Menu meal planner to plan every single ingredient and meal from breakfast to dinner every day, that way you’re not tempted to pick up a fajita kit or a frozen pizza. You will stay on track. The best thing about the meal pad is that you can simply tear off your shopping list and take it with you!

6. Use the division trick

Every time you grab something that seems to have a lot of sugar in it, divide it by four. If you want to stay healthy, you need to limit your sodium and sugar intake. Dividing the amount of sugar that’s in a drink or a snack by four will give you the number of teaspoons it contains. Wild, right?

Would you put 6 teaspoons of sugar into your cereal? I didn’t think so! Learn these little tricks to make sure that you’re on top of your sugar and sodium intake and you’ll be healthier in no time!