5 Amazing Foods That Will Instantly Beat Stress

foods that reduce stress
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Stress and anxiety are unfortunately very common around this time. Whether our worries rotate around our jobs, families, health or financial situation, times can get tough. When this happens my go-to is always food, and to be precise comfort food (yes, I’m talking about Oreos and chips), which usually pleases me on the short term but leaves me with a guilty grin on my face shortly after. These foods don’t actually lower levels of stress in times of need, even if they are comfort foods. So what should you eat to reduce stress? Here are a few suggestions.


1. Tofu

Apart from being a great food for the liver, tofu helps reduce the blood pressure and is high in a natural sedative, called tryptophan. A yummy way to eat it is to incorporate it with vegetables or grains and add some soy sauce!

2. Avocado

B Vitamins are great allies in the battle against stress and anxiety as they help nourish healthy nerves and brain cells. And guess which amazing food is rich in B vitamins? Yes, every bloggers’ favorite: avocado!

So next time you feel like running to the kitchen and diving your face into chocolate ice cream, step back and prepare instead some delicious avocados on toast. Plus side: you will be able to put a very trendy pic on your Instagram account

3. Blueberries

Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, which combined help defeat symptoms of stress and anxiety. Indeed, when we’re stressed out they both help to repair and protect cells.

4. Black Beans

You might not know it but a bowl of black beans soup might be your best ally in times of stress! Black beans are high in magnesium, which helps relax the nervous system while at the same time balancing stress hormones.  Win-win!

5. Oatmeal 

Feeling stressed? Make yourself some oatmeal in the morning. The complex carbohydrates help to boost serotonin production and help lower blood pressure, while adding cinnamon or walnuts and cashews make it a real stress-busting breakfast!


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  • Shii

    Thank you for giving me yet another excuse to eat more avocado!! Literally my favourite <3

    Shii x

  • Natalie Harney

    Thanks for this, I definitely need to kick my stress eating chocolate habit


  • dreamofadventures

    Perfect! I had a black bean and tofu enchilada the other day =o)


  • Caitlin

    I knew avocado was good for stress but didn’t know black beans were! I’m taking this post as a good excuse to eat more black bean (and avocado) tacos!

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