The Formula For A Perfectly Styled Coffee Table

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Making your house a home is an important adult move. You want every little part of your space to represent ‘you’. And one space you want to reflect you as best as possible is your living room, where you’ll be entertaining friends and family!

The cornerstone of your living room is your coffee table. So we’ve devised the ultimate step-by-step guide to having the most glamorous coffee table around. Your friends will be completely jealous. So read below to see a step-by-step in creating a feature coffee table that everybody will want to take pics of, or click through to our gallery of the best coffee table books!

1. Brainstorm

Have an idea in your head before you start buying things. What do you want the aesthetic of your coffee table space to be? Do you want a color scheme, a theme? Be original and put your personal style on the items you buy. You want people to come over to your apartment and be like “Hey, this is really cool!” instead of “I’ve seen this somewhere before…”

2. Pinterest Is Your Best Friend

I use it for inspiration for just about anything. Type “coffee table styling” into the search bar. There you will find thousands of results to spark a creative streak within you. Create a board and save a few images to your phone, which you can take along with you when you go shopping.

3. Read The Books You Buy

Books are a coffee table staple. Instead of wasting money on books you won’t read, buy ones that you will. If you’re a fashionista, look at something like Alexa Chung’s “IT” or the latest issues of Vogue. They’re not just pretty to look at, they’re also good reads. You’ll read them one day and your friends will appreciate them while waiting for you to get ready for a night out!

We think the best thing about a coffee table is the great books you can store on it (or under it), most good coffee tables have a shelf underneath which you can store those amazing books on. The big, chunky interesting ones that your guests will want to flick through. We created a gallery of our favorites at the top of this article if you need some inspo.

4. Budget

So you’ve brainstormed and done your research – it’s time to go shopping. But don’t forget to set a budget! Don’t splurge on pointless products. Check out vintage/thrift stores in your local area and you are bound to find something just right. You can find cheap succulents for under $10 somewhere along the street which will really give your table a lift. Also, check out sites like Etsy where you can buy someone’s goods for half the price!

5. Get A Second Opinion

Now you’re ready to have guests over, and you can’t wait for everyone to see your creation. But first, get a second opinion. Maybe test your new space out on your mom or your best friend. They’ll tell you if it’s too much, too little, or just right. If your table looks overcrowded and like a jumble sale, they can let you know!

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