How The Founder Of Moon Juice Created A Cult Brand From Nothing


Amanda Chantal Bacon, the founder of the Moon Juice, started the company in 2012. She began her career in what you’d think was a drastically different world as a chef working under Alice Waters and Suzanne Goin in a restaurant in LA. Amanda had a moment to think to herself, so she took a break from the food world and wanted to know what is really needed in the world at this moment and she also wanted to find out how her voice could change the narrative.

She said that she had the desire to bridge the gap between the foodie world and the healing world as she had done for herself in her own life. She made the decision to open up Moon Juice store in Venice, California, with her 11-week old baby strapped to chest whilst she worked. Unsure if the store would actually be a success, she took a chance.

“People always ask if I knew Moon Juice would be so successful, and to be honest, I did,” She writes in the introduction of her cookbook. It came from her desire to marry wellness with products that people actually need. So she worked with a herbalist to create formulas that actually work, from Brain Dust to Dream Dust, each powder promises to do a different thing!

“I kept asking myself, do I need to have this much anxiety? Do I have to feel this addicted to sugar? Do I really need coffee this badly? I probably drink a little bit too much and I don’t want to, but I don’t know what else to do. And then I decided this was not going to be my life story.” She told Well and Good.

Amanda said that the very beginning of the project she would be in the store morning and night, and she believed that it helped to create a very intimate connection between herself and her consumers at the very beginning of her journey.

She went on to say to Byrdie: “Now, it’s all still very organic and real. I’m just a girl with an iPhone, and I’m crazy about reaching and helping as many people as I can. I write every word of content, snap every photo, and deeply enjoy every opportunity to connect with Moon family members in all of my waking moments. This is truly a case of some cosmic force beaming down and connecting us all. I love it!”

“It’s easy to look at what I’ve done and poke fun and be like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, you throw some herbs in a jar.’ But people are hungry to learn how high-functioning foods impact their well-being. The products I’ve created for Moon Pantry, Cosmic Provisions, the Moon Dusts, and now the book are bridges to a healthy lifestyle and a road map to vitality and happiness.” She told Vanity Fair.

She worked with a herbalist to make potent herbal concoctions that actually work, and has said that people even come up to her telling her that their babies were conceived when they were using Sex Dust. Which is quite a testament to her product!

Moon Juice Dream Dust is available here.

photo: Free People


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  • Sarah Dewar

    Insightful article! So refreshing to see Amanda’s creativity, confidence, and perseverance come to fruition. Loving the wellness aspect too!

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