The Four Essential Diet Rules For Perfect Skin

photo: @lilyaldridge


Some people are born with naturally glowing gorgeous dewy skin and then the rest of us are cursed with excessively oily, shiny skin that requires blotting every half an hour. Well, fear not, if you’ve already tried every powder in the makeup aisle then why not see if these small diet changes could make a difference, after all, beauty starts from within.

Avoid oily foods if you have problem skin

They say you are what you eat and this could well be the case, avoid greasy and processed foods as well as anything high in bad fats and sugar as they are hard to digest and can also cause acne.

Up your Vitamin C intake

Vitamin C is great for reducing the excess oil secretion from your skin, be sure to eat fruits high in Vitamin C such as oranges, lemons, and limes as well as leafy greens which also contain the magic ingredient such as spinach and broccoli.

Cut Out Dairy

I recently went dairy-free and it’s been surprisingly easy to incorporate dairy-free alternatives into my everyday diet. I’ve swapped cow’s milk for soy milk every morning in my coffee and on my cereal and honestly my skin looks so much healthier, less oily and glowier. If you’re not ready to completely go cold turkey then trial it out for a week to see if you notice any changes.

Stay Hydrated

I know it’s boring but it really does work wonders, water flushes out all of those unwanted toxins in the body and leaves you with a dewy, fresh face. Infuse with lemon or strawberries for a fruity, tastier twist.

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