Four Perfect Pre-Christmas Cleanses

Christmas is fast approaching, and looking good on the big day is very important to lots of us. These cleanses and detoxes will give you a multitude of ways to make yourself look fabulous on December 25th this year!

1.) Juice Cleanse

A three to five day juice cleanse will have you feeling Christmas-ready in no time. Simply by blending your favourite fruits and veggies together will allow you to detox your body and help it to refresh itself before the big day. Make sure you read up about it first, as there are a few precautions you should take to prepare your body!

2.) Simplify your skin routine

In the cold weather your skin really does suffer. However, putting less onto your skin and using less products to remove your makeup really helps your complexion soften to the bitter cold. Try to use simply a gentle cleanser (like Omorovicza’s Thermal Cleansing Balm) and a thick moisturiser like Colbert MD’s Nutrify & Protect Day and your skin should feel smoother and accustomed to the weather in no time!

3.) The Relax Cleanse

Take a break and relax for an hour or so every day. Switch off your phone, turn off the computer and sit and do something that relaxes you. Maybe that’s sudoku or reading a book, but just take some time to yourself and you should feel less stressed and look more Christmassy by the hour!

4.) Tea-Tox

To keep the December-bloat at bay, using a detoxing tea will keep your appetite lower than usual. The teas help to reduce bloating, as well as reducing your appetite – perfect for the pre-christmas food goodies. Check out the range of teas available on the market  – they all do the same but all have a great range of products available!

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  1. I’ve tried this tea tox before and I got terrible head aches, very weird. Maybe it was my bodys weird side effects of getting rid of nasty toxins.


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