Four Things You Should Invest In If You Want To Be Successful

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For a lot of people in their twenties investing money is a topic that seems pretty far away. We struggle to pay rent sometimes and if we are lucky and we have some extra money, the only things we want to “invest” in the pretty dress we saw in that cute little boutique or the designer bag that is on sale. But there a few “grown up” things besides bags, shoes and clothes we actually should consider investing in. They will pay off later, don’t worry.

# 1 Classes in Excel, Photoshop etc.

The job hunting market is harder than ever and if you want to apply for your dream job you should know that there are probably a hundred people applying as well. So you want to make sure that your resumé stands out. Taking classes in Photoshop, Excel or other programs that people in your industry use is a great way to make you even more attractive to companies. Don’t forget: With so much competition out there you want to make sure that you have all the little extras that make you the right one.

# 2 A Good Computer

This tip might be the most boring and basic tip on this list but it is a really important one as well. Owning a good and fast computer makes working way more fun and much easier. Especially if you work a lot from home, having a computer that takes forever just to turn on can completely ruin your day. If you don’t have an office where you can go to, you need to have a computer that you can rely on. A lot of companies, especially in the media and fashion industry work with Mac, so it might be a good idea to save a little extra money and get a MacBook or even an iMac.

# 3 Networking

You’ve probably heard it a billion times but networking is beyond important. So whenever your company is having a party, you get a chance to grab lunch with your boss or your colleagues go for drinks after work, try to say yes. Maybe you are tired and don’t feel like socializing that day, but you never know what these events will bring. Meeting your boss and other colleagues in a more chilled and casual atmosphere might give you the chance to get to know them on a different level and for you to show them your great personality.

# 4 Free Internships

This tip might not be possible for everybody but if you have the chance to do a free internship, do it! Sadly nowadays most internships are not paid and sometimes you have to move to a different city during that time where you have to pay rent. It’s tough because you spend a lot of money and don’t earn any at that time. But if you can afford to work for free for some time, invest the money and do it. Most of the people that are extremely successful and that you admire once slept on their friend’s couch for a couple of months because they did an internship and couldn’t afford an own apartment. And see where they are now. You always have to start somewhere! If it’s viable and you think you’ll get transferable skills, go for it!

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  • nyashanicole

    Yes totally! Therenis so much power in networking. We all need each other noone is an island.

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      Exactly! x

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    Great tips


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    Great inspiration!
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    Great ideas! X

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    Do you have any specific ideas for courses that would be beneficial for someone who wants to go into marketing after university?
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