4 Easy Ways To Get Slimmer Legs

photo: Hunter The Label


The Little Mermaid was totally on to something when all she wished for was a pair of long lean legs. We know where she’s coming from! Elegant, graceful and strong legs are all over our Instagram feeds and with summer coming it’ times to get your pins ready for short shorts. Here are four ways to help you make the most of your lovely legs!


1. Watch your mouth.

If you want slimmer thighs with a little less jiggle you have to take note of your calorie intake. Legs can be a stubborn place to lose fat from but you can keep a food diary for a few days and see what you’re taking in. You may surprise yourself and realize you can cut a few excess calories here and there without feeling like you’re going without. Teamed with plenty of water, nailing your diet is the first step to leaner legs.

2. Pound the pavement

High-intensity workouts are great for overall weight loss but to target specific areas you need to know the effects of each exercise. The best thing you can do to get slimmer legs is just hit the pavement and go. 10,000 steps a day will give you enough of a kick start to get those legs in shape, even just getting off the bus or subway earlier will help. Walking strengthens the muscles in your legs without building too much, and it doesn’t even feel like a workout. Aim for ten minutes a day and then build up to 30 minutes if you can! You’ll see a massive difference in just a short time.

3. Dress to impress

Be smart with your outfit choices and you could slim down and elongate your legs in seconds. Aim to avoid hemlines that stop on the widest parts of your legs (calves or thighs for most of us) and never underestimate the power of a good pair of heels. Tanned legs also look leaner so pick up the self-tanner and treat your legs to a golden glow.

4. Love your legs!

No matter what shape, size, length, or softness, your legs are LOVELY! Treat them to regular massages, scrubs, and luxury lotions and you’ll be strolling through summer with sass in no time!

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  1. Yes! thank you for this! I am always working on my legs but I’ve learned to love them and wear clothes that compliment my legs =o)


  2. My legs definitely aren’t my favourite part of me (they’re short amongst many other things) but I’m running and moisturising etc. I’ll definitely bear your other tips in mind!

  3. I always struggled with my legs when I was younger, but I found yoga really helps to tone but strengthen my legs. But moisturizing is so important and it’s actually a step most people forget, do you do anything else besides running Jess?

  4. Especially with bikini season hitting us soon, I think we all feel pressured into having lovely legs, but as long as you love your legs you’ll be happy. Its a hard thing to do at times, so well done! Do you have any tips of your own on how you compliment/dress your legs?

  5. Loving my legs is something that I’ve been “Faking till I make it” kinda thing. I find it almost impossible to shed of fat from my thighs. That said, I totally agree with watching what we eat and walking more. We don’t even need a gym membership to lose weight, all you need is to walk more, eat less and drink water on the regular.

  6. Yoga’s been something I want to get into, I guess I try to stand up when I’m working as much as possible too haha

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