Free Online Courses That You Need to Sign Up For This Winter

Continuing education is an essential part of becoming a successful career girl. With an already busy schedule, you may not have the time or money to invest in coursework for credit. However, there are many different online courses that are perfect for those of us who want to expand their knowledge in their field of work, in an unrelated industry or in an area of interest. Here are a few of CGD’s top picks for online courses that may just catch your attention.

For the entrepreneur:

Udacity offers a self-paced program for students looking to build a startup. Come prepared with a business idea that you want to create. Although a nontraditional course because it is not offered through a university or taught by a traditional professor, students are exposed to practical information. Successful entrepreneur Steve Blank helps students develop and become profitable from their own company that they design from the ground up. So get your thinking cap on and grab your notepad!

For the fearful public speaker:

Missouri State University offers an exciting course on public speaking. Eek! Rest assured, this course will put your fears to rest. Students are taught how to research, write and ultimately deliver speeches as they are introduced to and build upon new skills. Not just a course on the art of public speaking, students have an opportunity to build confidence in their presentation and presence amongst others, regardless of the setting. This course will definitely help you display assurance and preparedness, which will ensure that you nail that presentation.

For the aspiring chef (or those looking to move past microwavable dinners):

Christopher Kimball created America’s Test Kitchen in Boston to try to find the absolute perfect recipe for common foods. Now a popular television show with associated cookbooks, Kimball explains to viewers and readers the science involved in cooking. He also provides step-by-step instructions for those wanting to “test” these recipes out themselves. Although not a formal course, his website allows television media consumers to ask questions and receive answers from Kimball and other chefs on the show. Remember, no question is a silly question.

For the linguist:

The University of Cambridge offers a free web application for students who wish to learn a variety of different languages ranging from German to Chinese. Courses focus on listening and reading comprehension with additional activities designed for speaking and writing. The goal is for students to be able to navigate successfully within another culture with a different spoken language. So if you have an upcoming business trip or if you plan to travel abroad in the near future, these free applications are perfect for the busy career girl.

For the blogger:

Skillshare has a variety of free courses that you can enroll in. Content strategist Andrea Goulet Ford created this ecourse on Becoming A Better Blogger Through Content Planning, it has over 6,000 enrolled members and a 99% rating – plus you can work at your own pace and learn all about strategically planning your content. Win!

Happy studying, girls! Let us know your faves!


Featured Photo: Dulce Ida