7 Secrets Every French Girl Uses To Decorate Her Home


Everything French is trending at the moment, from vegan skincare to how they decorate their homes. So it’s no surprise we’ve taken our inspiration from the French, who are known for their style and applied it to our homes. And now it’s spring, we need no further excuse to re-vamp our homes. Stuck in your apartment, and wishing you were in Paris instead? Add a bit of French chic to your home, and transport yourself over the pond with a few simple tips:


Photo by Montse Garriga/Interior Archive

1. Mix simple with eclectic

The French look can be a hard look to pull off when you’re trying to. Don’t take inspiration from reality TV, and don’t over-design every element of your room with Pinterest – although it helps. Instead, just keep it simple, French style is never over styled. Avoid going clean and fresh – the French love being rustic and vintage. This Chanel print is perfectly Parisian and just a little rustic, try it on your wall if you want to amp up the French feeling. Anything that brings character is a plus. That classical on the wall is chipped, so? It’s part of the ambiance…

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Photo by Montse Garriga/Interior Archive

2. Stay away from boring

While keeping it simple is key, you don’t want to be boring – because that’s something the French don’t do. This is where you want to implement chic. And this is where you can be as glamorous and dramatic as you like, heavy drapes dragging on the floor, oversized mirrors and out of the ordinary chairs.

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3. Ditch the wardrobe for an Armoire

Although they have great fashion, it doesn’t mean the French over stock their wardrobes. They keep it chic and simple – and this is true for their wardrobes. Go elegance with a vintage wardrobe that will wow, but not take control of the whole room.

Photo by Simon Upton/Interior Archive

4. Sparkle is a girl’s best friend

Careful not to over-do this, we don’t want to you to cheapen the look with bling. But think like Marie Antoinette, how would her home look? Sparkle for the French is usually in their light fixtures – and if you can, buy a chandelier!


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Photo by Claude Weber/Interior Archive

5. Appreciate architecture

Here, we tend to modernize our homes so much that they have no real history to them at all. You want to exaggerate your home’s natural features. Don’t hide away from your home’s old wooden floor, and no need to jazz up your walls with wallpaper. Focus on art and culture.

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Photo by William Waldron/Interior Archive

6. Keep your palette simple

You will rarely see a French person with bright homes, they understand color and know how to incorporate it. They like to keep it subdued. You want your walls to whisper and not scream. Follow colors like pale mint, sand, pink, linen, gray and white as a rule! You can add your style with art, and sculptures – but stay true to the theme.

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Photo by Mark Luscombe-Whyte/Interior Archive

7. Collect things to decorate your home

The best decor accessories to include around your home are books, magazines, perfume bottles, and flowers. They’re the perfect way to bring a French aura to your home. You’ll want fashionable magazines on a glass coffee table and freshen up your home with some beautiful, french bouquets.


Featured photo: The Reformation



What do you like about French decor?

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  • Nicole Duda

    Love these tips and love French style <3

  • Margaret Roland

    It is easy to add different styles: country french, seascapes any thing that is tranquil will work
    with French. use most any clear color or silky smooth. I love it.

  • Meg

    Love all those tall windows and drapery. Really makes the rooms.