From work to wow: day to evening make up tips.

So you’ve got your perfect office make up done and you’ve struggled through a tough day of work but now you’ve got no time to prepare for whatever you’ve got planned after hours. We know how difficult it is to know how to refresh your look when you’re dragged for an after-work drink, or you know you’re running late for dinner out, so here’s a few super simple and quick tips to touch up your beauty routine and have a low-maintenance look that you can leave work with. All you’ll need to take with you is some concealer, an eyeliner pencil and a lipstick of your choice!

office makeup face
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A good concealer will refresh your skin and hide any damage you’ve done to your face when you’re stressed out during the day. You don’t need to cake it on for the evening, just a light touch up will do the trick. If you’re feeling adventurous or in need of a refresh some contour or blush will help create a dewy, defined look.

office makeup lips
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While a nude lip can look good during the day, vamp it up for evening wear by applying a matte lipstick or your favourite gloss. A splash of colour is nothing to shy away from!

office makeup eyeliner
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A quick smokey eye can be achieved by applying black pencil eyeliner or a compact dark shadow on the outer corner of your eyelid and then blending it with your finger. You can also complete the look with a small amount of eyeliner underneath your bottom lashes. A quick curl of your eyelashes if you have an eyelash curler with you will add definition and work just as well as extra mascara.

So there you go ladies, rock your after-hours look and don’t be frazzled by the stressful day you’ve had! It takes only a couple of quick steps to be ready to rush out the door and have some fun! Don’t be afraid to let your hair down girls!