The Best Gym Classes To Enroll In This Year



Who else took a vow to get fit in 2018? But, if you’re anything like me, finding the motivation to go can get a little tricky. But getting fit doesn’t have to mean dragging yourself to the gym for another repetitive cardio and ab workout!

Instead, say hello to a world of workouts which will keep you motivated whilst having fun at the same time (now there’s no excuse)! Want to know what they are? Here are five of the best classes around the world that promise to switch up your routine and give you killer abs in no time:



Barry’s Bootcamp

All over the world


If you want to really shock your body and try something out of the ordinary, then trust me when I tell you that you’ll never get bored of this high-energy indoor boot camp.

The hour-long class mixes strength training with treadmill intervals to tighten and tone your whole body whilst burning up to 1,000 per class! This class is a favorite among fit celebs like the Kardashian sisters!

The glaring music may feel a little more-in-your-face than traditional workouts but, it creates a great atmosphere to workout in and motivates you to keep going. If you enjoy consistency and want a guaranteed high-intensity workout this is a great option for you. 


Hotpod Yoga




To give you a little heads up: wear as little and as lightweight clothing as possible. If you don’t mind a lot of sweat whilst you’re working out then hot yoga is the class for you! Bikram has similar postures and movements to your standard yoga class, but there’s a twist, you do it in 100+ degrees. But, why the heat?

Your muscles become warmer and therefore, you will become more flexible and do more advanced positions you wouldn’t be able to do normally. Plus, you will be losing a load of calories at the same time. You can take Bikram Yoga without any previous yoga experience, however, it’s a good idea to start with a more basic (cooler) class.

If you want to really go for it, this hot yoga class takes place in a giant inflatable studio with regular sessions taking place in Brixton, Hackney, and Notting Hill, and we love how unique the concept is, but can you really handle the heat?


U.S and Canada


If you haven’t heard about SOULCYCLE then get to know it! This 45-minute intense indoor cycling class offers so much more than just a bike and an unmotivated instructor. Featuring high-intensity cardio, muscle-sculpting training, and rhythm-based choreography it’s a powerful mind-body experience.

With more than 82 studios, their unique cycling class is available to go to across the U.S and Canada. 



Ministry Does Fitness
Elephant & Castle, London


Yes, The Ministry of Sound has morphed into a gym and what could be better?! The booming music, pitch black room, and flashing disco lights are definitely where party meets fitness. It has classes that focus specifically on either strength, endurance or core. The most intense is the 45-minute HIIT and circuit-based workout, where you do eight exercises.

You do each one for a minute and have about five seconds rest in between stations and 20 seconds rest between rounds. Best of all, once you’ve finished you come out feeling amazing and there’s even a bar to greet you on the other end! Yes, a real bar with alcohol and peanut butter – we know where we’re going next. 




All over the world



These super-short (20 minutes or less) intense workouts include everything from climbing ropes and sprinting one day, then doing handstands, push-ups and lifting weights the next. Trust us, no day will be the same and your abs will be on fire. The CrossFit program is driven by data.

Using whiteboards as scoreboards, keeping accurate scores and records, running a clock, and precisely defining the rules to keep you motivated and on track.


Which ones do you want to try? Share with me below!



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  1. I somehow still haven’t tried out soul cycle! Although Barry’s just opened up in Toronto so I wouldn’t mind trying it out!

  2. Love to try them all!

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