The Gadgets That Will Help You Get Your Life Together This Year

photo: Isabelle Thorsden


Gadgets make our lives so much easier these days, and as technology gets better and better, we can do so much more than watch Netflix from anywhere in the world! We can track our fitness on the go, have a virtual assistant, take notes easier than ever. There’s nothing you can’t do.

So, ready to get a hold on every aspect of your life? Here are some gadgets that will absolutely help you get your life together this year .  .  .

1. Get healthy 


Ready to start ticking off all your health goals? The Fitbit Charge will monitor your progress, set you goals, give you achievements and measure your sleep and heart rate. You can challenge your friends and keep it on all the time. Available here.

2. Repair damaged hair 


Finally, a smart hairdryer! The Dyson hairdryer was designed with the same care and attention as all other Dyson devices, rigorously tested to make sure it won’t make our arms ache, damage our hair, or break when we drop it. It has smart heat technology to stop it from getting too hot and damaging on our poor vulnerable hair, it’s seriously the beauty gadget of the moment. Available here.

3. Get organized 


Taking notes in your next business meeting, conference, or class is easier than every before. The Livescribe journal is super smart. When used with a smartpen, you can record meetings, use applications, and get shit done. You can pair it with an app to keep all your notes and records in one place. Available here.

4. Get more use out of your phone


Struggling to keep your phone charged on the go? The Mophie case protects your phone from dropping and running out of battery. All you have to do is press a button when your phone has 20% of battery and this case will power it through the rest of the day! Genius! Available here.

5. Manage your time 


Alexa will manage your whole life. She’s the personal assistant you never knew you needed. She can check your appointments, manage your calendar, play your favorite music, control your house with smart home devices and help you work smarter. Available here.

6. Get perfect skin03-product_425x523_pink

The Foreo Luna comes in a variety of different colors depending on your skin type and needs. It’ll massage your skin, improve circulation, remove dirt and dead skin cells, and give you flawless skin in under a week. Getting one of these a year ago definitely changed my life. Available here.


Featured photo: Isabelle Thorsden

Now that all these gadgets are doing the hard work for you, you can focus on what really matters. On Sunday 29 January, The Career Girl Academy is back at the coolest hotspot in London. With masterclasses on how to work smarter not harder, how to achieve any goal you set your mind to and more this is the best time to start! Reserve a guaranteed place when you book your tickets to this event here.

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  • Zoë Elizabeth Blogg.

    Really loving my Foreo for sensitive skin – it has made such a difference! Now time to get my hands on a rose gold fitbit 2 :)

  • Cristina

    How could Foreo not make it through this list…

    Cristina |*janded

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