Are We A Generation Addicted To Likes?


Presenter, Co-Founder of Pop and Suki and fellow Career Girl Poppy Jamie spoke this week about being “Addicted to Likes”. There is no denying we are a generation obsessed with social media. We can’t avoid it. I’ll be the first to admit as soon as I wake up in the morning I check my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter account and emails. I simply cannot help myself. As much as I wish I was a little “less attached”, I think social media is an extraordinary tool!


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As Poppy mentions, social media is a great tool, however, it also has many negative impacts . . . especially on the younger generation. Social media has been linked to an increase in eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. Girls are especially affected as they feel like they need self-validation from their Instagram posts. As silly as it sounds it’s so easy to get caught up in that cycle. I’ll admit it, I’ve deleted pictures of myself if they haven’t received over 5 likes…my first thought is “Well people must not think I look good here..” When in reality, that is completely not the case.




Like Poppy says “There will always be someone more skinny, tan and prettier than you”.

That doesn’t mean you look like a bin bag, it simply means you will never live up to your “idealistic” version of yourself. I think if we ever have low self-esteem days, we need to learn how to deal with them differently, instead of Instagram stalking the girl who has 1.2 million followers and is constantly laying on a beach somewhere.



No one’s life is perfect 24/7. We have the ability to alter our lives and show a “highlights reel”. You wouldn’t see women posting photos of themselves after being stuck on a delayed train for hours, hair messy and patchy foundation. Maybe there should be an Instagram account dedicated to that!


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