The Question Every 20 Something Is Asking Themselves After Brexit




So, what’s the latest from Brexit? If you haven’t been keeping up, some banks shares have been suspended, Richard Branson says The Virgin Group have lost one third of its value, leadership is in disarray, calls for a revote are happening and multiple protests have taken place.

It’s not as ‘end-of-the-world’ as it sounds, the view from London is very sunny. I even had an ice cream yesterday. Most of us are just getting on with it, but the one thing everybody our age is saying is “Why were older generations allowed to decide what happens in our future?”. Richard Branson himself has called for the voting age to be lowered (which I wholeheartedly agree with!) because throughout history young people have repeatedly been right, and “young people will be most affected by the decision.”

It’s the type of conversation you have with your friends at the bar, should there be an age limit on voting? I mean, logistically I have no idea how that would work. But it’s something when an entire generation feels misrepresented. Obviously, Brexit had its share of millennial supporters, too, so it’s not a case of wanting things to go our way, it’s just a conversation I’ve been hearing a lot at the moment. Apparently 75% of people aged 18-24 voted to remain.

Maybe it stems from the fact that we are annoyed with the world our parents and grandparents have carved out for us, or we’re sick of hearing what’s best for us. Maybe we are all just reigniting the moody teenager within and saying, “It’s not fa-a-a-air!” But with the US elections heating up every other week, you do have to wonder what the polls would look like if our generation was the only one turning up to vote. Probably radically different.

As you can see from just some of the tweets after Brexit and referencing Trump and Bernie Sanders, this divide spans continents. I think it’s easy to be reductive and use the term ‘millennials’ (which I personally don’t love) to criticize a generation you have nothing in common with, while brands and businesses are so interested in targeting  them because of their consumer trends. I have even had debates with my own family about this, because obviously we have different ways of looking at the world, and maybe wisdom does come with age.

I do think our generation is the most tolerant and the most open to question everything (with some exceptions of course!) we’re the generation that consumes media in a completely different way, we don’t read the newspaper and solemnly shake our head at the words printed, we get online and we spark debate, we learn, we improve.

So what do you think? Do you care about the young/old divide? Do you tend to agree with your elders? Do you want there to be an age limit on voting? If you can’t vote at 16 maybe you shouldn’t be able to vote at 76? Let us know.

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  • Camille Beygui

    Great post

  • Blue Berry

    Democracy is to also accept what you don’t like. You may call yourself open but excluding other people and their opinion is just intolerant.

  • Jen

    Fear mongering seemed to be something that just existed in movies to motivate people. Brexit terrifies us over here in US because it gave us a rude awakening to what could potentially happen in November.

  • Elizabeth Forbes

    My granny lived to 103 if you took away her right to vote at 76 you would have robbed her of 27 years of votes. Not really democratic to disenfranchise a person who was still a very active in society and with all her faculties and all she did for her country and family. I think you should think very carefully before jumping on this bandwagon.

    • Lillian Gao

      Amen. These whining Millennials (I’m a Millennial) do realize that they’ll be able to still change the future in…well, the future, right? All these older voters did was give them a more impactful voice actually.

      Lil, xx

  • Hillary Flinn

    It is a shame that the voting age is so high that the repercussions of votes for which you were ineligible last well into your adult years. However, I also heard (from a Canadian source) that voter turnout was lowest for millennials than any other age group. I think apathy might be a bigger liability for our generation than age.

    Hillary |

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