What I Do To Get A Flat Stomach Before Holiday

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I’ll admit it, I don’t get the whole “fast diet” before vacation. We’ve all got bikini bodies, we should all be proud. But you know how it is, we want to feel our best on vacation, which sometimes means working out hard before enjoying the vacay. It turns out getting that flat tummy isn’t as easy as the models make out and abs certainly don’t appear overnight. But for some of us, we’re still waiting for the next Monday to get our butts into gear! And now that it’s the season for bikinis the pressure is most definitely on! But I’ll share my tips and tricks so you can get the stomach you want in time for the beach!

Beat the bloat

We’ve all heard a million times what foods are healthy and what isn’t, but do we know what foods to eat to stop bloating? My number one tip to a flat stomach is eating food that prevents bloating! Even raw veggies, which are super healthy anyway can keep water stored in your body and make your stomach appear bloated. So my best advice would be to steam your veggies for a yummy meal that will leave your tummy flat later. Another important tip to remember is to eat foods low in salt. Salty foods make the body retain water, making you look bloated!

Go hard the week before

Having an exercise routine is important year round, but if you really wanna impress on holiday, then a week before go extra hard in the gym! All the pain will be worth it for some great beach pics. Pay more attention to your core than you usually would, to ensure your ab muscles are at their ABS-olute best.

Abs all day

Even when you can’t make it to the gym and are glued to the desk, keep your stomach pulled in and tense the muscles when you can. This will train your stomach to naturally lay flat whilst working the muscles, and you’re not even standing up – my favorite kind of workout.

Keep motivated

We all have our favorite bikini babes on Instagram we love to stalk, and before I go on vacation I love to look at their pages not just for fashion inspo, but as motivation to my butt in the gym! Some of them share some useful workout tips too. Having a goal is great to keep you on track, and will make all the hard work and clean eating worth it when your abs are looking Insta-worthy.

Confidence is the best accessory

Having confidence in yourself is the best way to keep you standing straight! That’s right, confidence doesn’t just change your mind and soul for the better, it affects the way you look. So stop doubting yourself, and see yourself for what you are – a fit, beautiful, independent woman who deserves this vacation. Confidence will keep you going and motivated, it will also stay with you when you’re not pumping the iron – and that is always a positive!



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  1. Ballet, whether you ad yoga or not, is the best workout for anyone’s body. Done correctly, you entire body is used, so no more “this day, lower body; that day, upper”. You may work leg exercises, then arms, but keeping the “at rest” limbs held in their proper position whilst keeping tummies, knees, and arms tight, ensures the participation of the whole at the same time.

    Yoga, especially without anything else, is another way to work the whole body as well as your mind. You needn’t do “extreme yoga” just because you want to have that “extreme” feeling – unless your body is ready for it. Until then, if that’s your goal, you’ll still reach bikini perfection long before you’re ready for standing on one hand whilst training those lazy toes to do the texting while at the beach.

    My point for recommending these particular types of fitness routines, including Pilates, is because women aren’t supposed to have 6 packs or even 4 packs. Our bodies weren’t designed to be ready to have to run long distances, stopping to fight or to wrestle dinner down to the ground. I’m not saying that because our bodies were made for having babies so keep those hips wide. I think the opposite – the fitter the better for children. Until or between (and after) babies, long and lean, lengthened and curvie, is what our bodies were built for. Meaning that if your workout is focused on how a woman’s body was made, you’ll get exactly the type of body you’ve. Even looking for: long, lean arms and legs, beautiful backs and butts, with flat tummies all the way. Just look at any female dancers body, and see how they move. If your workout is weightlifting and running, you might get the body you’re hoping for, but it won’t be long and lean unless you look that way naturally. Weightlifting and running are designed for optimizing the segregated muscle groups as opposed to the body on the whole. The muscle groups will be tightened, then worked for heavier lifting, becoming more compact as they must bulge as they grow in size. Men’s hormones optimize compact, bulging, heavy weight lifting muscles. Women have to work twice as hard because we don’t have the amounts of male hormones to ease the way for us. You decide – long and lean, helped by female hormones; or compact and bulging, never ending workouts to create muscle you need more male hormones for. So keep in mind that as you get older, women and men alike will be able to sustain the long and lean workouts well into very old age, even as our natural hormones fade. Have some happy vacations!

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