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Dry Skin? Amazing Make Up Products That Really Do The Trick


As someone who fears the winter for more than just the cooler temperatures, using the right beauty products is crazy important. That fall feeling sneaks up on us so quickly, and before we know it the white winter cold arrives and for me it means the time of year where I have to take extra good care of my skin.

I have a very sensitive and dry skin, and years ago I would just use whatever beauty products were the cheapest and available for me at the time. My skin would react to that instantly by becoming itchy and red and that’s when I realized I had to go out and find some make-up that works ideally just for me, and try not to think too much about the price of it.

No, Kabuki is not a Japanese dish

Delilah makes a kabuki brush that is perfect for applying foundation whether it’s a liquid or powdered one. The brush is softer than any I’ve tried before, and I use it for the Delilah PureTouch powder and working with it in circular movements really does the trick!

No liquid foundation ever worked for me before – until now! 

Since I have very dry facial skin, I’ve never really had luck with applying liquid foundations. Delilah Time Frame, on the other hand, has both the vitamins and antioxidants I need for my skin to thicken up for winter, finally I have found a liquid that doesn’t clump on my face and makes every flaw even more visible than without.

So bottom line – if you are like me and have ultra sensitive skin and really want to spend that little extra on your facial skin’s well-being, Delilah is the perfect choice. Delilah is also for the career girl who wants a little luxury in her every day!