How To Get Perfect Skin In Just 24 Hours

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We’re all have dreams of perfect skin. Who doesn’t want to have perfect, smooth, clear skin every single day? It is achievable, and it’s not all down to photoshop magic. There are so many ways to get better, clearer, brighter skin in 24 hours, but we think this is the best routine to stick to if you want to change your skin for the good.

It’s not hard, either. You just need to make your skin the focus of everything you do!

1. AM: Make a skin boosting smoothie

For breakfast, make yourself a skin boosting smoothie that will give you instant benefits. Any smoothie that contains kale will do the job. The vitamins in kale help stimulate cell growth if you need an extra shot of hydration, add cucumbers too. If you aren’t a fan of green smoothies, add some fruits like blueberries or strawberries to hide the taste.

2. Give yourself a facial massage

Start the morning right, cleanse your skin and give yourself a facial massage with a potent serum like Aesop’s Anti-Oxidant Serum. All you need to do is start to massage the serum in, use your ring finger to massage it in under and around your eyes, on your forehead and down towards the jawline. Use your knuckles to massage your jawline and sweep up towards your cheekbones for contour that works.


Why it works: This will boost the blood flow, define the contours of your face and help the products you’ve used sink into your skin, the Aesop serum is aloe vera based and contains antioxidant ingredients to wake your skin up in the morning. It’s not oil or cream based and will hydrate and soften skin. Plus it makes a great base for makeup. Available here.

3. Before work: Use double duty makeup

Double duty makeup is the best way to get better skin. Use makeup products that have skincare benefits too so that when you’re getting ready for the day, you know you aren’t irritating your face and are actually doing a lot to preserve your skin.


Why it works: This foundation serum softens and blurs imperfections and has neuropeptides to cover up lines and pores. The real catch is that it’s an anti-aging foundation that already contains SPF 30. It’ll restore the color and radiance of your skin. If the shade isn’t right, you can mix it with No Bronzer Bronzer to create a custom shade for your skin tone. Available here.

4. Noon: Make a healthy lunch

Choose a lunch that benefits your skin. The antioxidant selenium is amazing for skin, it protects against skin cancer, sun damage and age spots. The perfect selenium-packed lunch would be salmon with tomatoes, broccoli, and mixed leafy greens. That way you’d get all your vitamins, minerals, omegas and nutrients in one meal. By tomorrow you’ll have perfect skin.

5. Take a supplement

When you eat lunch, take your supplements too. If you want better skin fast, you have to work from the inside out, so try a range of supplements that actually work to help you get perfect skin.


Why it works: Equi London’s blend of supplement powder contains everything you need for perfect skin and more, including marine collagens, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C. It helps reduce the irritation and imbalances that cause many skin problems. Available here.

6. Afternoon: Spritz your skin

While drinking water all day will help you get perfect skin, using a facial spray will give your skin it’s glow back half way through the day. There are a few amazing options available right now, but if you want to avoid irritation your skin, try a product as natural as possible. _13244830

Why it works: Herbivore’s Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist uses pure plant actives and a base of coconut water to tone, hydrate, and soften skin. It has refreshing hibiscus flower, rose and aloe vera to treat discoloration, banish puffiness under the eyes and heal and hydrate your mid-afternoon skin. Available here.

6. PM: Be active

Movement boosts blood flow and circulation. So get up and stretch or dance around your room, it’ll boost your mood too, and sweating actually helps your skin rid itself of impurities. Evening yoga with candles, or a silly dance around the room will do it. Exercise is also known to boost collagen production. Woo.

7. Choose your dinner wisely

It’s tempting to pick up a quick dinner that has no nutritional value, but it’s much better to actually think about your dinner. Avocado and eggs, leafy greens, natural organic soup. Stay away from carbs and too much salt at dinner time, too much salt might make you wake up with puffy eyes in the morning. So if you want perfect skin by tomorrow, choose a light and nourishing dinner and eat at around 8pm.

8. Relax with a magic moisturizer

It’s true, there is a wonder product out there that will help you wake up with perfect skin. It’s a bit of an investment, but since I’ve started using it I’ve never looked back. It’s the best-selling Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. At night (and in the morning) put a light layer on your skin and let it sink in. It’s soft and silky and will make your skin feel smooth and hydrated all day.

_11777087-2Why it works: The Magic Cream contains a secret mix of ingredients that transform tired skin in an instant. It really works fast, you’ll feel an instant difference and look more glowing. It stimulates collagen production and fights free radicles. Perfect for restoring great skin in 24 hours. Available here.


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