The 5-Step Plan For Getting Your Dream Career In 2017



The best thing about the new year is undoubtedly that feeling of a fresh start. It’s motivating and inspiring.

Starting off 2017 with some solid career goals is such a boost. It will rejuvenate you and cement those ambitions. 2016 is nearly over so let’s get that dream career by 2017, shall we?

Step 1: Start your plan

Without a doubt planning is essential. Take time over the holidays to really think about where you want to be over the next 12 months. Plan how you get there, but make sure it’s realistic! Consider carefully how you can achieve those goals and draw up a plan so you absolutely nail it!

Step 2: Research

This may sound a little dull, but I promise you will see major benefits from spending some solid time researching those goals. Switch off Netflix, get off Instagram and take a few hours to invest in you. Get online and look up courses. Check out people on LinkedIn and assess their career paths. You will be motivated and be able to note down some excellent goals.

Step 3: Try to find a Mentor

A mentor will guide you along a successful career path. Most successful women will credit a mentor with helping them find their career path, and figure out how you can get there faster.

Don’t be worried if you don’t have contacts with someone in your chosen industry. A really motivated and goal orientated person can be just as beneficial. Invite that person for coffee and ask heaps of questions. Advice like that is priceless. Take their advice and apply into your goals. I can guarantee success!

Step 4: Make those goals time orientated

This is essential. Without a viable time frame to work within those goals will just drift. You need to take control and manage those aspirations. Grab that planner and draw up a timetable for success. Check in with yourself once a month and evaluate what you have achieved. If things have been a little slack you know it’s time to knock it up a gear. Only you are responsible for you. So own it. Make yourself proud.

Step 5: Plan your applications

Find your dream sectors, figure out who is in charge of recruitment and do some LinkedIn stalking. There’s a wealth of information and resources and you can also create your dream job if starting a business is what you want. So plan your applications! Figure out what your steps will be come January 1st – draft your cover letters, dust off your resume and be prepared to contact your mentor for advice

Start the new year ready to absolutely nail those exciting career goals.

By Catherine Murphy

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