How To Get Your Life Together Next Year



We designed the Make Things Happen planner to make anything possible. No goal is too large, no achievement too hard. Each month in the planner begins with a calendar overview, so you can set out your ideal month and create deadlines. Each chapter contains inspiration, advice, and workbook exercises to hold you accountable. So you can make your dreams a reality.

Want to know more? We thought we’d take you inside the Make Things Happen planner to show you how it’s going to help you get your life together! P.S get 20% off with code GET20 and 30% off with code GET30 for a limited time only!


January: New beginnings

January is the start of new beginnings, in this month you will find an overview of your New Year’s Resolutions and how to achieve everything you have in mind. You’ll be able to list your goals, build a step-by-step vision board, and work on your health and finances.


February: Get back on track

February is all about getting yourself back on track for the rest of the year. Start the month by filling in your monthly overview. Then work on the inspiration articles for the month. February is all about starting every morning the right way, getting your home and life together, and checking in with your goals.


March: Build your confidence

Once you’ve set your goals and cleaned up your life, March is the time to get serious. You will start the month by filling in a goal worksheet, then detox your life, create a morning routine you love, build your confidence, learn to love yourself, and get ready to make it happen.



April: Make positive changes

In April you will start the month with a fresh perspective after working on yourself throughout March. Your outlook will change and you’ll start to make positive changes in your life. Starting with giving up bad habits, and moving on to thinking like a successful woman.


May: Reflect on your best bits

Now you’ve worked on yourself and have changed your mindset significantly. It’s time to focus on the best bits. Fill out your best bits of the year so far, and reflect on all the things you’ve done that you love.


June: Plan your dream life

It’s not too late to make big changes in June. In this chapter, you’ll start to design a life you love. Taking inspiration from the things you want to do, you’ll plan your dream life and figure out what you need to do to get there.



July: Achieve what you’ve always wanted to

July is all about building on yourself and achieving what you always set out to. This chapter will teach you to create your life mantras and words to live by, travel the world on a budget, build a fitness routine and create a work/life balance.


August: Build your mental strength

In August, you’ll become mentally stronger. With exercises to help you build your mental strength, try new things and plan your perfect month and all the things, you need to give up in order to become successful. You’ll be equipped to deal with anything life throws at you, and have so many goals ticked off, you won’t believe how you started in January.


September: Take it seriously

In this chapter, you’ll learn what you need to do to take things seriously. If you want to go to the next level there’s plenty of advice and exercises for everyone. You’ll learn how to ask for what you want and get it every time, make a good first impression, perfect your cover letter and cv and take yourself seriously.



October: Prepare for the end of the year

It’s time to detox. In this chapter, you’ll complete a five-day goal detox. Throughout the month you’ll learn how to redesign your to-do list, make the most of the end of the year and save some serious money. So you’ll be ready for 2019 before it even begins.


November: Take a step back

November is all about beating stress. As the end of the year approaches, it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed. So we designed this chapter to help you work smarter not harder, figure out what you need to write down to make it work and give yourself a break. You’ll work on treating yourself and relaxing under pressure and feel so much healthier and happier.


December: Go into details

This month is all about working on your goals for next year and looking back on the year you’ve just had. You’ll fill out in-depth exercises on your year. Reflect on the best things about the year and look ahead to 2019, thinking about what you can do to build on it.

Afterall, the best thing to do to get your life together is to take it one step at a time. Buy the planner here, and get 20% off with code GET20 for a limited time only!



How are you getting your life together next year? Let us know what steps you’re taking in the comments below…



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