Things You Should Do To Become A Successful Instapreneur

With Love From Kat

It’s been a massive day in the life of a Girlboss and you’re pooped. You shut your eyes for six hours and before you know it, there goes the alarm. The best way to wake up the brain? Instagram. Yes, just the perfect dose of inspiration. ‘Go to bed with a dream, wake up with purpose.’ The words plastered over a totally attainable chiselled set of abs #workout #girlboss #inspiration. Just the thing you needed to get up and smash the day.

It’s no secret, some of America’s fortune 500 companies understand how powerful pictures can be and are paving the way for smaller businesses and career girls to step up. Whether for personal or business use, Instagram is proving to be a marketplace filled with all sorts of opportunities and ways to let your personality or brand story shine through. And being the
creative, resourceful career girls we know you are, we also know you hang out there and are throwing down some serious creative skill.

It’s no wonder that with the likes of Insta-giant Kayla Itsines who has a whopping 3.6m following, career girls can expect to do big things with Instagram. It’s important to note there are rules of thumb at play here and strategies that must be adapted to suit the variables of every
business & individual. If you want to get millions of followers on Instagram and become an Instapreneur, here are three strategies for you!

Be Genuine

If there’s one thing every career girl should understand, it’s that unless you pay for phony followers, Instagram is no overnight quick-rich scheme. It’s merely a platform to market your ‘amazingness’. It’s simply a medium to establish a deep connection with your tribe. And I reiterate – Keywords: deep, genuine connection. Looking at you, like4like hashtaggers.

Kayla’s story started out small on Instagram. In an interview she said, ‘it was never about fame […] but to inspire.’ Just as Kayla believes, it should be about helping people. Over time, Kayla piqued interest and went from Personal Trainer to uploading transformations when a flood of girls who wanted to train with her onset collaborations with other pages. Her lifestyle and healthy eating plans are bringing communities together and is in part responsible for her overwhelming impact and success.

Take it from the best

Find opportunities to learn from the best of the best. Seek out businesses and people who specialise in this area and can help you to fine tune your presence on Instagram with incredible strategies. You can expect to learn about how to create a profile like a pro; how to create an account with your consumer in mind; how to drive traffic and increase engagement; the
list goes on. Whatever you do, make sure you’re taking it from people who have proven strategies because they themselves have done it.

Be good at what you do

Hilary from Deanstreetsociety – Business Coach and content curator of ‘how to double your Instagram following,’ – teaches that the most important metric is engagement. Commenting, sharing, liking and following people you are genuinely interested means the chances are great that they will do the same for you particularly if you’re in the same niche and if you are offering something of value. Find your category; your niche and stick to it. Having an eye for design really helps. Are you thinking about your lighting source, the rule of thirds, framing, colour palette etc.

The possibilities are endless and the avenues are many. Will it take time? Absolutely, but it will definitely be worth it! Go get em’ girls, you’ve got this.

By Georgia Kershaw