How To Rock Perfect Braids This Spring



‘Braids are in, girls! Have you seen the pics from Coachella yet? They’re definitely in.’


But getting the perfect braids can be tricky, everybody’s hair is different, plus length definitely determines how much of a braid you can pull off. Here’s a guide to three minimal fuss braid looks that are as easy as they are cute!

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Photo via Allure featuring Lauren Conrad

For short hair try a couple of rough, hippy braids that hang from beachy textured hair or two braids that run along the top of it.

Use a surf spray to vamp up your hair and get that textured braided look, try Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray – a cult fave for beachy waves, then take a few small sections and plait downwards, securing with an elastic band like these No More Snags chic elastic hair ties from ASOS.

For longer hair, tie it into a loose topknot and use a couple of braids to give a grungy, festival feel.

Get a heat protecting spray or balm, John Frieda Go Curlier Heat-Active Spray is our fave for holding curls all day, use your curling wand and take big sections to create large, wavy curls. Use a texturizing hair spray like Ouia Texturizing Hair Spray to get that rough, boho vibe and then take two sections at the front and braid them, making them join at the back of your hair.

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For Kylie Jenner’s Coachella pigtail look, you need long hair (or extensions!). Part and detangle your hair, and use a little hair oil like Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil to keep your hair tamed and smooth.

Clip one-half of your hair up (so it doesn’t get in the way!) and start your braids at the very front of your hair, pulling the hair under instead of over, each time you pull a strand of hair into the middle, add some more to it (sounds complex but it isn’t). Finish off with some braid charms like these Orelia Hair Multi Charms from ASOS, and voilá!

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