How To Get The Salary You Want Right Now

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Even the coolest of career girls seem to lose their mind at the thought of ‘networking’ or ‘negotiating’. Yet, with women earning on average 78 cents to every man’s dollar, the pay gap is keeping up down, and I say we need to lean in ladies and do our part to fight for our worth at work.

Unless your boss is a mind reader – ask

The first step to slaying at negotiation is to open the conversation. I bet you knew that already huh? Yet, men are four times more likely to ask for a pay-rise than women. So, if you deserve more money, stop talking about it with your SO/girl gang/postman/understanding puppy. Knock on your boss’s door (that’s office not home) and make it happen.

Get clear on your figures

Before you enter the big-scary-negotiation (think of it as a conversation) get straight on what you want to achieve. Don’t go in blind – set a target salary, as well as a walk-away figure.

Stick to these and remember that the first figure put on the table is where the conversation is anchored as both brains will instinctively align to the first number seen or heard. Try to propose the first figure, or if not, react in favor of your target despite the temptation to readjust to the first figure mentioned.

Come equipped with a business case

I have previously nagged about the advantage of bringing research to an interview, and I believe it pays off (literally) to be prepared for your pay-rise discussion with a winning business case. Why should you be paid more? It’s better to respond with ‘I’m glad you asked, here’s research, evidence and logic as to why I deserve this much money.’ As opposed to ‘But pleaaaase.’

Frame your argument in your employee’s perspective

You deserve more money, we get it. Up until now, you have worked for your current, agreed salary, and you will need to explain why your boss will benefit from increasing your pay. Approach the conversation from the perspective of your boss and the company. Focus on how you have benefitted the business, referencing to your value in your business case. Specify how you have attracted clients or customers or

Specify how you have attracted clients or customers or finalized sales, or any proven example that solidifies your value to the company.

You’ll be hard to say no to.

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