How To Get Smart About Getting What You Want

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A third of Americans feel dissatisfied with their lives right now. According to Mel Robbins that is 100 million people that are unhappy. That sucks, right?

Mel is a radio host, a life coach, and a very funny woman, and she has a message for us. She’s been helping people get whatever they want by any means necessary for a long time. And she wants us to stop screwing ourselves over.


As she puts it, “being healthy will not get your ass on a treadmill,” so choose things that don’t just sound good to other people. Be selfish.

There’s an f-word we all use that Mel says is the big issue here. That word is fine.

We say we’re fine when things aren’t going well. We say we’re fine with not achieving what we really want. “Scientists have calculated the odds of you being born. They’ve crunched the numbers on you being born, and they took into account all of the wars and the natural disasters and the dinosaurs and everything else,” Mel says. And the odds of us being born to our parents, with our specific DNA and everything else are apparently 1 in 400,000,000,000.

So we’re not fine. We’re fantastic!

So how do you get what you want by any means necessary, or, as Mel puts it…stop screwing yourself over? Well, you have to accept the fact that you’re never going to feel like it. It’ll never feel like the right time, or the best time, or the perfect time. But you’re not fine until you’ve achieved it, so you should stop sitting down and being comfortable and just go and do it!


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  1. I love that attitude, it’s difficult to implement for yourself but I am totally planning to watch the video and see how I can get some of this into my life! Thanks :)

    *the odds of us being born to our parents, with our specific DNA and everything else, are apparently 1 in 400,000,000,000… we’re not fine, we’re fantastic*.

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