The Best Fall Lipstick Color: 4 Must-Have Burgundy Lipsticks

CGDburgundylipsticksIt’s that time of the year and everyone is excited to vamp out their fall makeup with a burgundy lipstick. Almost every lady you come across either has burgundy nails, boots or even hair! Whatever it may be, nothing beats a rich sexy wine lip. I personally love this look, most people save it for the fall or evening events, no matter what, it’s always going to make a statement, so find your shade and wear it with confidence!

If you’re finding it a bit overwhelming with so many shades and brands to choose from don’t worry because here at CGD we’ve got four different shades of perfect burgundy lipsticks that you need to try.


#1 Laura Mercier Iced Pomegranate

For a dark burgundy try the Laura Mercier Iced Pomegranate, it’s a light lipstick that feels like a balm and has a light shine to it without any stickiness.  The Laura Mercier Lip Parfaits are Decadent. Delicious and Dreamy. The comfort of a lip balm, the coverage of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss!

#2 Delilah’s Vintage Lipstick

An intense dark red with a luxurious silky finish and is great if you want to create a matte look. Delilah’s Colour Intense feels soft and creamy on your lifts and last for hours (bonus!)

#3 Suqqu Akanebara

Both of these can be dramatic so we’ve got a Suqqu lipstick for you to try it’s called Akanebara and it’s a gorgeous creamy shade which is perfect for the fall and easy to wear on a daily basis.

#4 Mavalia Venitian Red

Lastly, my favourite one is by Mavalia, the Venetian Red is hydrating which makes it easy to wear throughout the day and looks bang on trend for this fall.

The best way to apply your burgundy shade is with a lip brush as dark shades tend to be very messy so you want to be sure you’re putting it on properly and not staining your skin. To get a clean finish, you want to start from the outer corners of the mouth to the centre on both upper and lower lip and then fill in the rest of the pout.


To elevate your usual look, you could go for an ombre burgundy lip. This can look very trendy if it’s done properly. Go for a brighter shade of red for the center to give this burgundy lip a bit of dimension and don’t forget to blend!

Whether you go for glossy or matte both are classic and timeless you should keep in mind that if you have small lips you should try and avoid matte finishes as it will only flatten your lips and they will appear even smaller. You can use a lip pencil to fill them out, but you’ll find a gloss will benefit your lip shape because it will reflect light to give a fuller appearance. Plus, nobody wants to stick to straws all night in the fear that their lip liner will rub off!

If you need more lipstick advice, check out our favourite nude lipsticks for every skin tone or read the 8 most common lipstick problems and how to fix them.

Written by Anjana Varsani

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