How To Get Into #WorkMode After The Weekend


Does anyone else feel like they’ve lost their flow after the weekend? It’s especially bad after a long weekend or a holiday, my to-do list just keeps growing and growing and I just can’t figure out where to start.

My inbox is a mess and I feel completely useless. Well, here are a few tips for getting back into #workmode after the weekend!

1. Write everything down

The first thing I do is get my A4 planner and write absolutely everything down, from emails I need to send to articles I need to write and events I need to RSVP to. Looking at it like this actually gives me a small panic attack because I can see just how much I have to do. Motivational lists do actually work, read our article to find out why.

2. Decide what the hardest task is and do it straight away

Don’t start with your easiest tasks (no matter how tempting it is) or you’ll be there all day, go straight into the guts of your to-do list and tackle the hardest thing. For me, the hardest task is usually organizing my inbox. I’ve started working on a folder system for my inbox so I can stop flagging every single email and start putting them into folders with a “respond by” date.

3. Find your Career Girl guide

If you just don’t want to do anything, the best thing to do is get some motivation from a successful Career Girl. Watch a TED talk, read a motivational book or check out some of our most popular articles on successful women. Hearing about how someone else did it and what they achieved is the absolute best way to get pumped to tackle the day.

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4. Use the weekends wisely

Planning something fun for every weekend is the best way to keep yourself going, to be honest I like to have something to look forward to – whether it’s a party or seeing family, I start wishing the weeks would go faster if I have something lined up.

Before you stop working on Friday evening make a list of everything that you didn’t manage to finish and anything you’d like to achieve with the coming week. Leave it on your desk or in your notes and then you’re prepped and ready to go on Monday without any hassle of planning in your weekend time.

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  • Amy Sewell

    Agree that writing everything down is the key to not feeling overwhelmed! With so many details to tend to in my work as a lifestyle expert and TV spokesperson – blog posts to write, product research, TV segment rundowns, travel details, product shipments, etc. – a master “to do” list is a must.

  • Kiran

    Some great tips!

    Kiran |

  • mediamarmalade

    so needed today ;)

    Mel x

  • Simi Atanda Lindgren

    Thank you for this, especially needed as I had to write a post about being nominated for 2 blog awards! Aaah! x

  • Audra Nicole Koch

    Very much needed on a dreary Monday morning!

    Audra |

  • Camille Beygui

    Awesome post ! Gonna be so helpful

  • dreamofadventures

    great tips! #2 is so true, you have to get the worst out of the way first or else you will push it back longer

  • Hillary Flinn

    These tips helped me get through Monday! I’m a big believer in writing everything down — I even have a project tracker spreadsheet at work to keep me up to speed on everything I’m working on, just so I don’t forget everything over the weekends (or, let’s face it, over a single evening)!

    Hillary |

  • Verbal Gold Blog

    I love these tips! I already use my planner to make my to-do list Monday mornings, but making a “where I left off” list at the end of Friday is genius!

  • Fernweh Society

    Great tips! The prep on Friday is key!!! If you have your priorities list you can actually R E L A X during the weekend :) Kick back with some #summerwater :)

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