An Incredibly Smart Idea To Get Your Life Together This Year

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Want to know how to get your life together fast so you can focus on balancing everything and being successful? It’s not about lengthy planning processes and lifestyle retreats, it’s actually super simple. All you have to do is start keeping a bullet journal.

A bullet journal is a combination of your to-do list, notebook, diary, calendar, and growth chart. Unlike regular day planners out there, the bullet journal is flexible and easily customized. All you need is a blank journal and a pen.


1. Weekly & Daily Logs 

One of the ways that you can get started is by drawing a “weekly log” for the tasks that should be completed but have not been assigned to a particular day. Once that is done, you can proceed by breaking up your days into time sections (morning, afternoon, evening) and go into detail with the things that you need to cross off your list.


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2. Rapid Logging

Rapid Logging, the language in which the bullet journal is written in, consists of four components (topics, page numbers, short sentences, and bullets) to help you go into detail with your to-do list. For each task, you’ll have a different bullet to indicate which ones have been completed or have yet to be completed. For example, events are marked with an “o” and tasks are marked with a dot.



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3. Track your progress

With the bullet journal, you can also plot a graph of your progress of your goals. For example, one of your goals for the new year is to run a 5KM marathon. Bullet journaling allows you to draw up your own graph (or chart) and record your progress (500m, 1KM, 2KM, etc) which helps you track your progress and motivate you to accomplish your goals. Neat, right?


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4. Year-At-A-Glance

Bullet journals help you look at the overview of your year. It’s something like a calendar but a customized one. All you need to do is to draw up a simple calendar of the year and use different colored pens to make notes or shapes to mark the days that are important (like birthdays, events, etc).


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Sounds like there’s a lot to do, right? Not really. You only need one hour in a week to draw up your journal. Instead of spending an hour scrolling through Facebook, use that hour to prepare your bullet journal with the necessary sections that will help you get organized and ready to conquer the week!


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  • Mila S

    I really wish I had a little notebook with the notes from 2016! Would’ve been so interesting to read🙌🏼 Like your own book about your own life haha x

    x Mila

  • Mafalda Oliveira

    I heard so many good things about bullet journals the past few days. I’ve always wanted to have my life organized and every new year I consider buying a planner, but honestly my life is not as busy that I need to buy one ahah also planners basically decide what you fill in in each page, but a bullet journal is so much broad and free! I’m really gonna have one this year =)

    xx Mafalda

  • Tranquil Sundays

    I just started bullet journaling and I absolutely love it! It’s super handy, helping, and it serves as a great de-stress tool. Love this post!

  • Flo

    I love bullet journaling! it is the perfect way to mix both sides of the brain. The OCD planner inside of me rejoices while my creative side gets an outlet.


  • Dana Andersen

    I have no issues starting any of these things but i know theres no chance i will keep up with them! I might give it a go anyway and try my best.