Incredibly Smart Ideas To Get Your Life Together This Year



We may be career girls, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have our shit together all of the time. Nobody is perfect after all…

So, don’t stress out if you’re life is a little all over the place. We’ve all been there – me included!

But don’t forget that everyone has to start somewhere! And as long as you decide to make that change and go for it, you’ll be taking your next BIG step!

And here at CGD, if there’s one thing we definitely know, it’s how to get things done. So, if you want to make magical changes to make your life better this year then take note of our little strategies that make a difference!


1. As with anything, start with your plan of attack

The Getting Things Done Planner $45 available here


You need to treat life like a bull with horns and just grab it! And with anything in life, you need a plan first to prepare you for your next stages.

Now, I must admit, I went completely digital over the last couple of months to plan and track my progress.

But I found out that it was not as effective as the traditional method of writing something down. Because by using the action of writing something actually helps your brain process and learn that information. Cool huh?

And if we had to recommend a planner, it would be the Getting Things Done Planner of course. It’s not just a journal you can write your notes in and smash your todos, but so much more.

Keep track of your water intake, exercise routine, and even self-care! Whoever thought you couldn’t get your life together? Get it here.


2. Sleep less


Gone are the days where you can get away with lounging around in bed and doing absolutely nothing! We’ve all been there – especially in our student days!

But as adult life does come with its aches and pains it’s important to be as productive as possible. And that actually means sleeping less.

By waking up twenty minutes early than usual it’s actually proven to make your mornings more productive as you’ve gotten a head start on the day.


3. Be in control of your finances


Getting older means getting serious about your finances. And if you’re financially independent you will know the importance of keeping track.

But, it can be a little difficult sometimes, especially when you’ve spent most of your money on lunch and clothes!

So, the way I make sure to stay on top of it all is with the best app in the whole world.

Yolt will keep all your accounts in one place, allows you to transfer internationally and is just as secure as your mobile banking up.

But the best bit is that you can set budgets and categories for your buys and even cut down your spending in certain areas. The app over time will get to know you and even advise you like your own personal accountant! Get it here.


4. Choose to be a leader


We all want confidence. However, attaining it isn’t easy.

And if you want to be successful in your career, you’ll need to be a leader and that means you need to be confident!

The easiest thing I find that builds my confidence is learning and mastering new skills. By doing this you’ll not only make sure you feel at the top of your game, but you’ll feel like a boss too!


5. Track your deadlines


There’s nothing worse than missing a deadline. And it’s only ever happened to me once in life – and trust me, it never happened again.

Make sure you’re always one step ahead and be organized when it comes to meeting your targets and deadlines.

The easiest way you’ll be able to smash this is by using an app to track and remind you of your deadlines. And my ultimate fav is Deadline Tracker because it makes sure I never miss a beat. Get it here.



Are you looking to make your life simpler? Share with me below, maybe I can give you some more tips for success!



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  1. I really wish I had a little notebook with the notes from 2016! Would’ve been so interesting to read?? Like your own book about your own life haha x

    x Mila

  2. I heard so many good things about bullet journals the past few days. I’ve always wanted to have my life organized and every new year I consider buying a planner, but honestly my life is not as busy that I need to buy one ahah also planners basically decide what you fill in in each page, but a bullet journal is so much broad and free! I’m really gonna have one this year =)

    xx Mafalda

  3. I just started bullet journaling and I absolutely love it! It’s super handy, helping, and it serves as a great de-stress tool. Love this post!

  4. I love bullet journaling! it is the perfect way to mix both sides of the brain. The OCD planner inside of me rejoices while my creative side gets an outlet.


  5. I have no issues starting any of these things but i know theres no chance i will keep up with them! I might give it a go anyway and try my best.

  6. Bullet Journaling sounds really interesting! How have I never come across this before, crazy. Will definitely be giving this a go xo

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

  7. I’m wondering if the ‘Getting Things Done’ planner for 2018 is available? I would love to track my health (water, exercise, etc).

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