Gift Guide Musthave Gadgets For Career Girls

What would we be nowadays without our gadgets! For some of us our phones, IPads, smartwatches have become a true addiction that we can’t live without. As Career Girls, gadgets can be very useful and really save our asses in some situations.

Gadgets are probably one of the most useful gifts to give a fellow Career Girl. That is why we made you a gift guide with the 12 must-have gadgets that will be the perfect present for the ambitious girls in your life.


1. Apple Ipad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular 32GB Silver
2. Kate spade new york slim portable charger
3. Livescribe Echo Smartpen
4.Kensington KeyFolio Thin X2 Keyboard/Cover Case
5.Mobile Lens Kit,BLACK,ONE SIZE
6.Zippo 40310 Hand Warmer Black
7. Fitbit Charge Activity Tracker Black
8. Canon IXUS 160 Compact Digital Camera
9. Philips Light Therapy Wake-up Light
10. Celluon Epic Ultra-portable Full-size Virtual Keyboard
11. Philips Light Therapy GoLite Blue Energy Light
12. Lg Pocket Photo Printer 2.0 White


#1 Apple Ipad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular 32GB Silver

Where would we be nowadays without our beloved tablets. The Ipad Air is not only very useful for taking notes wherever your are, using it for when you are giving a presentation, e-mailing, following presentations, because it is very light it is perfect for Career Girls on the go. With 32GB you have enough storage for documents you need to have with you and it is a very fast device. So, this is would definetly be one of the best tablets for Career Girls.

#2 Kate spade new york slim portable charger

There is probably nothing more annoying than when you are out all day, your battery is running low and there is no socket to charge your phone. This stylish portable charger from Kate Spade will make an end to this struggle and because it is small and light, it will fit perfectly in your bag.

#3 Livescribe Echo Smartpen

How stressful is it when you are taking notes from a meeting or presentation and everyone is talking so fast that you missed half of it because you were still busy writing something down what someone said 5 min. ago. This Smartpen will be your BFF in times like that. It records everything what has been said in the meeting and can link your audio records to your notes. Staying organized has never been easier.

#4 Kensington KeyFolio Thin X2 Keyboard/Cover Case

Ideal for your tablet. This cover case doesn’t only protect your tablet, it also has a keyboard, that will make typing easier and which basically turns your tablet into a mini laptop.

#5 Mobile Lens Kit

Calling all bloggers, #Selfie-lovers and photographers! This Mobile Lens Kit, with 3 different lenses, will take your smartphone pics to the next level!

#6 Zippo 40310 Hand Warmer Black

Winter is here, which, unfortunatly, means, cold feet, ears and hands. This amazing gadget will take care of that last one for you and will give you gentle heat for up to 12 hours!

#7 Fitbit Charge Activity Tracker Black

With all these gadgets, there is no excuse to keep track of your health. The Fitbit will help you with this and tracks your steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, active minutes and floors climbed. This will definetly give you a motivation boost to work out more.

#8 Canon IXUS 160 Compact Digital Camera

Us, Career Girls, travel quite a lot and love doing it! Having a good camera whilst traveling (and in general) is always a must. This Canon Compact Camera is easy to carry around, easy to handle and will capture all the beautiful moments in your life.

#9 Philips Light Therapy Wake-up Light

One of the bad things about Winter is, you wake up when it is dark, you go back home when it is dark, which makes us extra tired. This Wake-up Light will wake you up naturally and make you feel like the sun-light wakes you up. Tested in a town where in the Winter its is dark 24h a day, this must be the best alarm clock there is and will give you the best start of a productive day.

#10 Celluon Epic Ultra-portable Full-size Virtual Keyboard

A mobile projection keyboard is probably one of the best accessories made for smarthphones. As a Career Girl you never know when you will be in a situation where you need to take notes or quickly need to write up something, and carrying your laptop or tablet everywhere isn’t always ideal.

#11 Philips Light Therapy GoLite Blue Energy Light

A light that gives you energy? Especially, in these dark cold Winter months, this is an absolute musthave and the perfect gift for the busy Career Girl who is experiencing the Winter blues. Philips made this amazing light, backedup by research, which fights Winter dips and helps improve your energy level and mood, how perfect is this!

#12 Lg Pocket Photo Printer 2.0 White

A printer for you smartphone (shut up and take my money!)! How cool is that! Wherever you are, print your favorite pictures whenever you want with this Pocket(!) Photo Printer.

Featured Photo: New York Fashion Hunter


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