20 Pretty Stocking Fillers That Won’t Break The Bank



If there’s one thing everyone needs to buy at Christmas it’s stocking fillers! They may not be the biggest of gifts but they can sometimes be the best. So whether you’re buying them because you need a few extras, or if you’re giving out small gifts to your friends we’ve got you covered! Scroll down to see the best stocking fillers to buy this year that certainly won’t disappoint:


OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil $32 available here

OUAI are amazing! I personally love their products, especially the wave spray! But this oil is not only perfect for your hair, it’s also good for your skin. So, you can get dual use out of this spray that will help you glow from head-to-toe! Buy it here.




Recover Gemstone iPhone 6/7/8 & 6/7/8 Plus Case $20 available here

A phone case is an easy gift that won’t break the bank this Christmas. But, it won’t be one that will bring disappointment. It’s something everyone needs, and I, for one know I have quite a few of them. Us girls can’t resist a cute phone case! Buy it here.




Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Mini Celebrity Trio $29 available here

Charlotte Tilbury is all the rage and there’s a good reason why! This gift will be one of the best this Christmas and it’s at a great price. Charlotte Tilbury is the master of lipstick and you can’t go wrong with these three amazing shades. Buy it here.



CGD London The Getting Things Done Planner $47 available here

There’s no better gift than making sure you’re loved one is organized and ready to start the new year with new goals and a new planner. We’re all stationery obsessed and this best-selling planner will make anyone happy this Christmas. Buy it here.



Practical Magic: A Beginner’s Guide to Crystals, Horoscopes, Psychics & Spells By Nikki Van De Car $17 available here
It’s not your usual gift, but it’s definitely a fun one. All things celestial are trending at the moment and this book is an unusual and unexpected gift. Plus, who doesn’t wish that magic isn’t real? Buy it here.



Zero Gravity Chevron Faux Leather iPhone 6/6s/7/8 & 6/6s/7/8 Plus Case $35 available here

I think we all know a person that carries their cards round in the back of their phone case. And my friend carries her whole life in hers. That’s why this gift would be perfect, it’s a phone case with little slats for all their cards to go – keeping them organized and stylish. Buy it here.


Clear Cassette Player $38 available here

If you have a friend that’s a bit cool and alternative then they will love this gift. I’m not cool and I love it! Urban Outfitters are bring back cassette players, taking us all back to a simpler time! They even sell cassette tapes that will take you on a trip down memory lane. Buy it here.



Rodial Dragon’s Blood Masks Kit $40 available here

There’s a lot of buzz about these products and they’re actually really cool! And if you’re someone who suffers from dark circles then you can say goodbye to them with this! Promising to hydrate and lift skin, this skincare brand takes skincare seriously! Buy it here.


Dress Scandinavian Book $27 available here

This book is fashion advice from one of our favorite influencers! So, if you know someone that’s really into their fashion then this book will be a nice extra treat for them this Christmas. Buy it here.



Two Faced More Than Meets the Eyes Duo $10 available here

This little set is amazing, especially when you look at the price! Better Than Sex mascara is one of the best I’ve ever used, and the primer for your eyes is perfect for making sure your eyeshadow never creases! Buy it here.



Becca Wake Up Call Kit – Natural Glow Travel Duo $15 available here

I’m thinking I’m going to gift myself this little kit this year as it’s something I think I definitely need! The primer instantly brightens dull skin giving you a glowing base instead. Then you can use the highlighter to give you that perfect, highlighted dewy glow! Buy it here.



Sephora Collection Crazy for Clay! Face Mask Set $22 available here

When in doubt, go for a face mask. Every girl loves one! You know what it’s like – when you have those nights where you have a massive pamper! So, why not spoil your friend with four face masks that will keep her supplied for a while! Buy it here.



Topshop Gold Look Pearl Drop Earrings $18 available here

These festive earrings are perfect for this time of year. Their stylish and their on trend, which means they’ll make the perfect stocking filler. They look more expensive than they are, which means you’ll leave your giftee feeling a little spoiled! Buy it here.



Topshop Christmas Heart Ditsy Necklace $15 available here

I know what it’s like wanting to buy something small and not sure what to get. So, I always tend to lean on the novelty, which at Christmas time you really can’t go wrong with. Go for a simple necklace and a Christmas slogan and you won’t go wrong. Buy it here.



Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color $24 available here

You can’t go wrong with a red lipstick, especially when it’s Christmas! It is the color of the season! And when it comes to the Fenty by Rihanna range you know you’ve chosen a great gift! The reviews are outstanding proving that this red is going to be a popular one for the season. Buy it here.


Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba $11 available here

If you’re an ambitious, hardworking career girl then this is the book for you! It will help you wherever you are in the career, whether you’re just beginning or already taken off! Take fresh ideas and inspiration from this little book to help you get the career of your dreams. Not a bad gift, eh? Buy it here.



Moon Juice Moon Dust Sachet Sampler Set $35 available here

I love this set, it will not help you take care of your body, but fight off stress and help keep you beautiful from the inside out. It is an edible formula that you can drink with either hot or cold water, and even milk or tea. Buy it here.




Topshop Sequin Pom Pom Beanie Hat $30 available here

Everyone needs a new, cute bobble hat this Christmas, even if they already have thousands. Cute and affordable, this gift is an easy one and you can be assured it will be liked. Buy it here.


Anthropologie Zodiac Decorative Charm $10 available here

If you’re unsure what to get this decorative charm will save your life. It’s the perfect, trendy gift to give when you want to get something small. They can add charm to a purse or wallet and even a handbag! Buy it here.


Anthropologie Constellation Jewelry Gift Set $48 available here

Anything that is celestial a huge trend at the moment and it looks like this one is going to follow us into the New Year. So, whether you’re into horoscopes or not this necklace is the perfect charm gift this Christmas. Buy it here.

Have you got any ideas for stocking fillers? Let us know what you’re buying below…



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  1. These are such fab ideas! I love being able to fill my stocking with cute gifts


    Ellie x

  2. I love the fact you included astrology related items here. I’m fascinated by astrology and seeing those made me smile. Also, the getting things planner is the best. I have one and I sent my bestie one for Christmas.
    – Rita Pearl X
    Blog: https://callmepearl.me/

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