10 Gifts Every Girl Deserves To Give Herself This Year


Sometimes, you just deserve to treat yourself, and December is definitely one of those months where you are allowed to spoil yourself. We worked and/or studied hard, survived another year and that definitely deserves a present. It is always nice to receive gifts from others, but there is nothing like treating yourself to something really nice that you’ve wanted for so long.

No idea what to buy yourself from your Christmas bonus or the extra money you saved up? No worries, we came up with some amazing gifts that every girl deserves to buy herself this year.


#1 NUXE Prodigieux le parfum

You can never have too many fragrances and the Prodigieux le parfum Spray 50ml by NUXE is definitely one to add to your growing collection! Treat yourself this Christmas to this amazing smelling perfume.

#2 The Career Girl Daily Mug

The absolute must-have for 2016! These highly motivational mugs were created to remind you that you are a Career Girl and to help you tackle the day with as much enthusiasm as possible. Choose from 3 motivational quotes: ”Babe, You Got This”, Make It Happen and But First Coffee. There is no better way to treat yourself!

#3 Monica Vinader – Fiji rose gold-plated bracelet

Giving yourself a nice piece of jewelry is always a real treat! We absolutely love the bracelets of Monica Vinader and this beautiful rose gold one is definitely the best way to treat yourself for all your hard work this year.

#4 Foreo Luna

Treat yourself, treat your skin! It is no secret that the Foreo Luna is an absolute favorite skincare item of the CGD Team and this is definitely one of the best gift to give yourself. Start your new year with a new beauty routine and flawless skin with this Foreo Luna.

#5 Daniel Wellington Watch

A Career Girl can never have too many watches and a Daniel Wellington Watch is definitely something that cannot be missing in your wardrobe. Better yet, we can get you 15% off! Simply use our discount code: DWcareergirl and start 2016 with a fashionable new watch.

#6 Molecule 01

Another perfume that definitely should be on your wishlist! It is the perfume that will smell different, but amazing, on everyone! If you finally want to try a new scent, this is a really good one to go for. The heavenly smell of this perfume, from Escentric Molecules, will definitely get you a lot of compliments and become your new favorite fragrance.

#7 Chloé ‘Drew’ Leather Crossbody Bag

How good have you been this year? If the answer is ‘real good’ then this bag might be a great gift to yourself! At the CGD HQ, we fell in love with this cute little bag and decided that we have been good enough to earn this bag (if our bank accounts agree with that too).

#8 Frends – Layla Headphones

Starting your new year off in the gym? Treat yourself to a good pair of fashionable headphones, your workout will be even better with your favorite music playing.

#9 Apple iPad Air 2

Tired of carrying your heavy laptop around? Treat yourself to an iPad Air 2 (or put it on your list to Santa!). In the CGD office, we know all about dragging a laptop everywhere, so we know exhausting it can be. An iPad is light, you probably won’t even notice it is in your bag, and definitely makes you live a lot easier since there is almost nothing you can’t do on an iPad that you can do on a normal laptop.

#10 Babescrub Green Tea Body Scrub

What better way is there to treat yourself than a nice, warm bath combined with a good scrub. Made from green tea leaves, this scrub soothes your skin and make you feel like reborn (perfect for 2016!).

  • http://katelynmcphee.blogspot.ca Katelyn McPhee

    I’m obsessed with those head phones! :) Every woman FOR SURE needs to be treating herself this time of year :)


    • Lois

      Totally agree! we worked hard for it haha!


  • The Reet Petite

    That Chloe bag is THE DREAM!!


  • https://www.wonkylauren.com Lauren

    Oh I’ve been lusting after one of those Lunas for a long time! x


    • Lois

      I love the Luna! Would definitely recommend it :)

  • http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr/ Camille Beygui

    Awesome selection



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