Stuck For Ideas? Here Are 17 Perfect Gifts For Your BFFL



If you’re super organized this year then you’re probably already looking for the perfect gift. Luckily, you’re bound to find something in this list that your closest friends will fall in love with! Who doesn’t love the rush of giving someone the perfect gift?

Scroll down for our 17 favorites. 




Social Media Printer

This is our dream gift. Connect the free companion app to your social media accounts and in just a few taps turn your favorite photos into actual prints you can hang around your house. Available here. 




721905_in_ppMoon Juice

For the friend that likes to take care of herself, these Moon Juice dusts can do anything from boosting your brain to helping you sleep. The pretty powders can be added to hot or cold drinks to boost your lifestyle. Available here.




Velvet Mini Robe

Velvet is the fabric of the season, and it’s perfect for wearing to bed too. For a comfy, cozy sleep, this rose pink dressing gown is a wardrobe win that she’ll definitely love! Available here.




Thermal Travel Mug

This thermal travel mug reflects a busy lifestyle that doesn’t have time to pop in for a coffee. This is a practical yet beautiful gift for a lover of hot drinks. Available here.




Marble Journal 

What better gift than a notebook? Everybody needs one, and you can never have too many. This marbled notebook is chic and has 60 lined pages. Available here.





Wireless Headphones

How cool are these wireless headphones? In a beautiful blush color, they’ll deliver great sound quality – and they don’t need to be plugged in! Available here.



Initial Pendant Necklace

Want a truly personalized gift? Choose any initial and show someone you are really thinking of them with this delicate gold chain. The back side is engraved with “one in a million”, so whoever you gift this to will know they’re special. Available here.






Our favorite cleansing device, the FOREO will instantly give you a healthier more radiant complexion, and the reverse side is a facial massager, too! Who wouldn’t want one in their bathroom? Available here.




Plum & Bow Elephant Tea Mug

This is the cutest mug we’ve ever seen. A handcrafted elephant shaped mug for your friend who loves a good brew, you can infuse your tea and place the tea bag in the convenient compartment after. Available here.





Teddy Robe

The ultimate cozy robe, this plush and fluffy fleece robe is perfect for any pajama lover. Perfect for Netflix in bed! Available here.





This highlighter, blush and bronzer palette is a sell-out for a reason. The transparent particles brighten and illuminate your complexion to give you a glow, but the real beauty is in the marble effect of it. It’s gorgeous! Available here. 




LuMee Case

Kim Kardashian’s favorite phone case. This marble LuMee case is actually designed by Kim herself and has LED lights on the left and right sides of the case, so your selfies and squad photos can be prettier than ever! Available here.






Pajama Set

Who could live without a classic pajama set? This one won’t overheat at night and is super soft, as well as being fashionable enough for Snapchats and Instagram photos. Available here.




Quote Jar

This jar is a perfect desk companion! Keep track of your favorite inspiring quotes and sayings with this pen, pad, and jar. It’s adorable and motivating! Available here.





The Little Dictionary Of Fashion

The book that should be on every fashion lover’s shelf. Scratch that. Every girl’s shelf. Ever wondered what to wear to a wedding? Or how to tie a scarf properly? Christian Dior reveals the style secrets we always wanted to know but never knew who to ask. Available here.



This is a gift that will keep on giving, all the way through the new year. The Fitbit will track workouts, give a breakdown of progress and even awards you with achievements for doing well. It’s a cult fitness tracker and it comes in a variety of pretty colors! Available here.




Ceramic Mug

Everybody needs a reminder of their place. This mug is the perfect reminder that to be a boss, you have to act like one! Available here.


  1. Love the little initial necklace, and the quote jar is such a fun idea

    – Natalie

  2. The wireless headphones and fit bit were on my wishlist list just a little while ago. So glad I got those! Oh i love the quote jar and the fashion book and the social media printer! Checking them out now. || Bloglovin’!
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  3. I really want to get my hands on the photo printer!! Such a great idea


  4. The quote jar is really cute. Friends created their own with a similar premise instead – everyone would write funny stories as they happened throughout the year and then at an end of year get-together we would relive all those hilarious moments.
    Narrating the stories behind the accessories

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