Gigi Hadid Reveals Everything She Eats In A Day



Gigi Hadid is a pretty cool girl, she’s got a superstar boyfriend, a great girl squad (including Taylor Swift) and a great career. She’s beautiful and skinny too, but some of us can’t stop drinking full-fat fizzy drinks and eating gummy bears in the office…so we figure it’s hard to obtain that kind of body.

But you’d be surprised. In an interview with Harpers Bazaar, Gigi revealed everything she eats in a day.


Gigi starts her morning off like the rest of us: “I usually eat breakfast or have coffee before I do anything,” she says. “I live near the Smile, and I love their scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. I drink orange juice and coffee always.”

If she cooks for herself, it’ll be scrambled eggs and toast. If Zayn cooks, he tries to introduce her to a few of our classic British dishes: “My boyfriend, being British, got me into breakfast beans, so that’s what I’ve been eating lately.”


Before lunch, Gigi works out. I think that’s the key to being fit and healthy, but some of us are stuck to our computers all day every day. In any case, her motto “‘Eat clean to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane.'” Is something we can all get behind. “So if I’m in the mood I’ll go to JG Melon in the West Village.” If not, she’s back at Smile having an arugula salad. Balance is key.


Nuts? Lettuce leaves? Dust? Air? What does Gigi Hadid snack on? Well…ice cream, it turns out. “There used to be an Emack & Bolio’s on Houston Street, which is my favorite ice-cream place. I love the Grasshopper Pie.” She found out it was closed and it broke her heart, luckily she gets pints of it delivered to her house, so she’s okay.

If she needs to relax, she recommends grabbing a coffee and sitting at Color Me Mine  “for, like, five hours and paint really detailed mugs or whatever.”


Admittedly, Gigi likes cooking and watching movies on a night in. But if she’s going out it’s gotta be sushi. “If I’m going out, I like to go for dinner and drinks with friends. I love Bond Street for sushi,” how is it possible that her diet is eerily similar to ours without the added liters of sugary drinks and gummy bears? I think it’s time to do an office eating overhaul because we’d all look like Gigi in no time!


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  • Camille Beygui

    Awesome post

  • Angela

    Love this!! Totally agree, balance is key to keeping your sanity haha. xx

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