Gillian Anderson’s X-Files Demands Are Good News For All Women

photo: Gillian Anderson


Gillian Anderson is our favorite British-American actress. You probably know her as Dana Scully in The X-Files or recently for her roles in Hannibal and The Fall. She takes tough complex roles and she kicks ass. We love her.

She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and in her recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar admitted, “I’ve had a few moments of grieving youth over the past ten years – which I think are all wonderful and necessary parts of the process. And the fact is, there’s nothing I can do about it really, or any of us can.” She’s 48 and redefining what it means to age because she is goals. Seriously.

But the really interesting thing is that she fought so hard to get the same wage as her male co-stars on The X-Files, in the ’90s when nobody talked about equal pay, and again in 2015. “So much of the foundation of feminism is about inequality, and that is a blatant inequality. They’re not going to make The X-Files without me. They’re either going to step up to the plate or they’re not going to make them at all, so I don’t really feel that I put my neck out in any way,” she explained.

Lots of us are afraid to speak out and ask for what we deserve, but for Gillian, this is just a no-brainer. We love her for it.

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