Why Is Gina Miller The Most Controversial Woman In Britain?


The world is an uncertain place. In light of recent events, it’s easy to remember the tone of the UK after the Brexit result. Many people walked around in disbelief, in London especially there was an unusual somber quiet on the transport in the morning.




But for one woman, it just wasn’t good enough.

Who is Gina Miller?
Gina Miller is described as an investment banker and philanthropist. She’s often called a ‘former model’ and a ‘millionaire’ by the press. Both are true, but they’re often said in a way that is supposed to challenge her credibility.

Gina was born in Guyana but was raised in Britain, and she co-founded SCM Private in 2004, the company that she still works at. In many ways, she is an average successful woman standing up for what she believes in.

What does she believe in?
In order to leave the EU, the UK Government would have to trigger something called Article 50. They could do this without MPs approval, meaning if the higher-ups agreed but their MPs didn’t, they’d be overruled. Gina simply argued that it’s unlawful to do it without an MP vote. She told Sky News: “This is in no way to obstruct the Government’s timetable for Brexit. There is a legal process that needs to be followed to ensure certainty.

“This is about saying ‘can a government, any government, take away somebody’s rights or diminish them without Parliamentary scrutiny’, it just can’t happen, that’s what the courts have said today.”

Her historic lawsuit was heard by the supreme court last month and she won, meaning the Government will have to hold a vote for members of Parliament too. But her win wasn’t all roses and champagne.

What happened next?
People were angry. The people who voted to leave the EU want it to be a closed book, so they won, we leave. Gina’s lawsuit and following comments challenging the procedure brings more uncertainty to the country. People were led to believe that their vote carried real weight.

And they’re blaming Gina.
According to the Guardian, Gina said: “It isn’t safe for me to go outside”, and that the abuse she has suffered felt surreal. “It’s bullying of the worst degree, and I’m not going to let them win.” A US sports presenter also named Gina Miller got a stream of online abuse after people mistook her for the anti-Brexit campaigner.

The media slam her as a ‘millionaire ex-model’ launching an ‘astonishing attack’ on Theresa May. After she won the High Court Ruling she labeled the press coverage ‘disgraceful’. One newspaper declared the ruling judges ‘enemies of the people’.

That very same newspaper has now lost a contract with Lego after consumers called for companies to ‘Stop Funding Hate’, particularly fuelled by their recent headline declaring judges enemies of the people and commenting on one judge’s sexuality.

What else do we expect from this?
The media often influences the way we think or feel about a certain subject. You only have to look at the coverage of the Trump/Clinton campaign and in large, people’s Twitter responses to it. Suddenly (and sadly!), things like this get very personal.

Reasonable discussion goes out the window, and unfortunately for Gina, she’s become the poster star for people’s frustrations. I think if this year has taught us anything it’s that things don’t always go our way, but we need to make room for reasonable, inclusive discussions and stop the personal attacks! What do you think?


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