How Your Girl Squad Can Help You Get A Job

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Taylor Swift might be leading a #squalgoals revolution, but even when a girl’s friends aren’t all supermodels and actors, they can still be a major asset while job hunting. Here are three ways your squad can help you find new work:

1. They’re the network you didn’t know you had.

We all hear the virtues of “networking,” but sometimes we get too wrapped up in the idea of mixers with cheap wine and name tags. But the people who have had your back from day one can also be the one to make new introductions, challenge you, and suggest opportunities you never thought of. If you’re looking, put a message on a group Whatsapp or Facebook group—you’ll be amazed who will pull through with suggestions for places to look or people to lunch.

2. They’re probably hearing things you’re not.

“But my squad doesn’t know anything about my field!” I hear you cry. This is a blessing, trust me. Sometimes job hunting can lead to tunnel vision; there are so many jobs out there! Let’s say you know you want to do something specific, like writing articles. So you start applying exclusively at magazines and newspapers. Smart, right?

Yes and no. Everyone who wants to do what you want that is probably going to use that logic, making those jobs very competitive. But friends in different fields will have knowledge you don’t, and might suggest alternatives that would suit you: your marketing friend might send you a copywriting application, your friend in the charity sector might suggest a non-profit role, your web-savvy friend might think you would be a great fit for SEO. These are roles you’ll never hear of if you’re only networking within your field!

3. They all have their strengths.

The Avengers, the A-Team, the Sex and the City girls: all teams are made of diverse members, and your squad is no different. OK, so your friend in accounting might not be able to help you get an interview, but maybe she knows how to write a kick-ass cover letter. Or your friend in fashion might not be able to make introductions to people in your field, but she knows where you can sample sale for an interview outfit. Tap your network for the things you need!

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  • Erin

    I 100% agree with this, and I think the same applies for everyone in your network, not just your squad. When you’re looking for a job, I think you should tell EVERYONE, you never know who might have the right contact to get you in the door!

  • Ariane Kuijt

    Those are such great tips. I never thought of this! You may think your squad has no options for you, but they know more people than you think besides you. Those new people you meet through them can open new doors for you. Thanks for sharing this great post.

  • Camille Beygui

    Such a great post

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